7 Types Of Posters And What They Do

August 18, 2021
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By definition, posters are large print, ads, or decorations that are displayed on walls. They are commonly used as a promotion of an idea, product, or event displayed in a public space for mass consumption. It is common to see posters that include textual and graphic elements. There are also those that may be either wholly graphical or textual. This definition may show that there are different types of posters in terms of themes and designs. This article gives you an overview of the different types of posters and why they are special. 


Advertising posters are used by different companies for promotional purposes. These posters are designed to catch the attention of the public in order for them to take action. These can be anything from purchasing the product to lifestyle change. Advertising posters are commonly designed to house subliminal messages. They are also filled with symbolisms and are aimed to provoke, inspire, and distress. These posters are designed to give the “WOW-factor” and can either be serious or hilarious. 


Informative posters appear in different designs and greatly depend on the information that you want to convey. Some will look like infographics and others may be purely visuals. They contain different facts to educate. Informative posters are based on facts. These posters are generally created to educate the public. Some may also appear fun and exciting like in food and beverages posters.

Motivational or Inspirational

Motivational posters only have one purpose and that is to inspire. They contain motivational quotes or messages and are represented with large and bold typography, overlaid on an attractive background/. They are always optimistic and will help the viewers to feel good and encouraged. 

Movie posters

Movie posters are used to advertise or promote a film and serve as the cover for all promotional materials. These posters aim to tease the public about the upcoming films. As such, the posters will be helped in making decisions in purchasing tickets for the movie. Movie posters are also designed to contain different elements that are featured in the film. 

Event posters

Event posters are created to inform the public about an upcoming event. These posters likewise offer a little information about the event. Think of the posters as a teaser or promotional material. They may also stimulate the interests of the public. In many instances, event posters contain all the needed information of what the public can expect from the event. The elements seen on the posters must match the theme of the event. They may also appear mostly in typography with some design in the background. 

Travel posters

Travel posters aim to inspire the viewers to see the world. They are also used by different travel agencies and airline companies to promote their services. Travel posters may have different themes such as vintage, art deco, and modern. They have a timeless appearance and captures the beauty of travel destinations. 

Research posters

These posters are used by the academic community in presenting their discoveries in their research or studies. Research posters are completely different from the posters that we know. It is heavy on texts, data, and other visualizations. In addition to these, jargon is also used in presenting data and information.