A Birthday Gift For A Beauty Queen

September 28, 2022

Gone are the days of giving traditional gifts. These days, presenting personalized gifts is getting more attention. Ms. Pia Wurtzbach celebrated her 33rd birthday by showing her passion for fashion. We have seen her on the covers of magazines, billboard ads, and television commercials. Pia stuns us with her natural German-Filipina beauty and her talent in acting and modeling. 

What’s best to give a beauty title holder is a gift that is fit for a queen. Many of us choose something that the recipient may be able to use, such as mugs, shirts, or pens. Not to mention a bouquet they can place on their vases when they get home. 

Giving personalized gifts is one of the best things you can do to your friends or loved ones. Customized presents allow that connection to emanate between the two individuals. A personalized item allows most people to strengthen their relationships. 

This year, Ms. Maddie Cruz gave Pia a personalized poster made by artdesign. Self-taught artist Andre Manguba created the artwork. The portrait features Pia herself in a stunning dress with a dazzling background. Creating the personalized poster for Pia opened another friendship with a celebrity, content creator, and artist. 

Seeing our poster in the hands of Pia is surreal. We know that this is not the last, and we are looking forward to more Pia portraits in the future.