Achieve That American Diner Look In Your Restaurant

April 13, 2022
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The American diner may have that classic look and concept. However, when it comes to restaurants, retro does not always mean old. Many experts believe that the American diner look is more modern rather than classic. There are tons of ways how to decorate a restaurant. If you own one, then you would like to have the best for your business. Read on to learn more about American Diners and what are the things that need to be done to achieve the style. 

Go back in time

Before looking at the decorative elements you need, let’s look at the brief history of American diners. The concept of the diner began early in the 1900s. It was when Water Scott, a Rhode Island entrepreneur, repurposed a horse-pulled wagon into a car that served sandwiches, coffee, and pies. A rewarding business that was copied by others to produce lunch wagons or what we now know as diners. 

Over the years, the concept of diners changed. The look that we are familiar with is that of the 1950s diner. The appearance likewise changed along with the suburbs, with the use of stainless steel exteriors, large windows, and wall decor. Twenty years later, more diners sprouted in different areas and were built with a retro look. It can be considered that diners are part of American culture and have been adopted by many countries, even in the Philippines


In a diner, it is common to see bright and flashy walls with large mirrored sections. There is also a mix of colors, especially bright colors and mirrored wall areas. The wallpaper design can be considered to be retro with wood paneling.


Create a checkered tile floor as this is what a retro diner has. Some restaurants use retro linoleum since there are a lot of design options other than wood or concrete flooring. What makes linoleum a great option, the maintenance is low, and cleaning it would not be a problem.

Lighting and accessories

Establishments using neon lights can now be seen in many areas. Whether they use the light in signages or as wall decors, neon lights can create a bright and gaudy restaurant appearance. In addition to these, 50s wall art is used. This includes road signs, framed posters of the 50s celebrities, number plates, and vinyl records. 

Actually, you do not have to limit yourselves with these suggestions. There are other decors that depict the 50s that you may want to add to your restaurant to achieve the American diner appearance. If you still have ample space, you can display retro motorcycles, gears, and other accessories. 

Look for inspiration

We will agree with you when you say that achieving the American diner-style may be difficult by reading this article alone. You can go around NCR for more inspiration and ideas. For instance, try to visit malls where there is a branch of TGIF as their restaurants have a good retro interior. You can likewise visit Filling Station, in Burgos St. Makati City. The place is packed with customers and the overall design is exemplary.