Achieve the Memphis Design Style In Your Home

January 5, 2021
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If you were born during the 1980s or 1990s, then you may be familiar with the Memphis design movement. The design style is characterized to be bright, geometric, and heavily stylized. It may not be for everyone but the Memphis design style has a timeless appearance that serves as an inspiration for other styles. Memphis design style is one of the hottest looks in home interior these days. Read on to learn more about it and see if it suits your taste.

The features of Memphis design style

Since time immemorial, art and interior design have harmonized with each other. Although, the traits may be confusing as they can also be seen in other styles. There are still unique characteristics that are loved by homeowners and designers. Here are the key elements that you will find interesting.

  • Mixed patterns – the design style is heavy on patterns and the most common are geometric shapes with whimsical organic forms (squiggles or spirals). The pattern can be added to wallpaper, furniture upholstery, and other items like planters. 
  • Vivid colors – the colors are bright and electric. The colors are balanced against a monochromatic background such as white and black. The vivid colors can be yellow, hot pink, aquamarine, purple, and cherry red. 

Achieve the style with these cool ideas

Getting the style in your home is not that difficult as many have assumed. With the materials that we have today, there will be a lot of ways to be successful with your project.

  • Patterned wallpaper – achieving the patterns and colors with the use of paint and brush may be challenging. However, there is an easy way to add them to your walls and this is through the use of patterned wallpapers. Before installing the wallpaper, try to obtain a test sample and see if the design blends in your home. 
  • Terrazzo flooring – this type of flooring features irregular fragments of different materials like glass, marble, and others. These are combined together and set with a smooth, polished glaze. Terrazzo flooring is a perfect decor that will complement the Memphis design style. 
  • Lots of accessories – add accessories to your rooms with planters, coffee mugs, throws, curtains, dinnerware, lampshades, and storage bins. These will surely make a cool toom interior and help you achieve the Memphis look. 

Final thoughts

The Memphis interior design style is all about making everything bold and dashing. The truth is that there is no strict rule when it comes to adding materials and other decorative items. Open your mind and try to be experimental. For instance, you can pair pastels and neons or add shapes that will suit your preference. Remember that the objective is to create a playful-looking room interior. Another interesting thing about the Memphis style is that you can easily incorporate other styles. Add a modern touch with trendy wall decors such as posters to give your room a fresh appearance. 

If you are worried about the expenses, there are always creative ways to still be successful. Try to search online for good deals. These items may not be brand new but they will make everything look perfect especially with good quality materials.