Add Frames For A Perfect Wall Decor

January 24, 2023
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Frames are used to protect the poster but also make posters more attractive and exciting. There are many frames to choose from, but the right poster frame will make a difference to any poster print.

Posters can make the interior of the interior. Many prefer posters to show their love for art and create a contemporary feel in their interiors. They are just tacked on the walls or stuck with adhesives. Frames can do so many things besides being part of a poster. Read on to learn more about frames and how they can be helpful.

Why add frames to your prints?

The use of posters is a cost-efficient way to decorate your walls. However, many people need help with using adhesives or tacks to install them. The truth is that these methods can do damage to the walls as well as to the posters. 

Poster frames can level up any average-looking poster and turn it into something extraordinary. Poster frames not only add to the poster’s beauty but also protect it from external factors in addition to protecting the walls. You also get the flexibility of quickly changing the poster you want to feature in the poster frame. 

The question is how to choose the right poster frame that will suit your needs. First, take into consideration the colors and styles. There will always be a poster frame that will suit every poster and every perception you want it to give off. For instance, an antique frame can give a classic look that can blend well with a recent picture to have a contrasting appearance. A bold-colored poster frame can provide a modern edge to your poster that can be eye-catching. A thin frame can also be used for a more subtle edging. In addition, size also matters in choosing the right poster frame. 

Tips for hanging frames on the walls

Hanging posters and poster frames on your walls is one of the easy ways to create a more stylish and personalized interior appearance. Here are some tips on how to properly hang posters on your walls to make them more attractive:

  1. Deal first drywall mounting. Monkey hooks are highly recommended for drywall and frames with wire backings. Do the measurements to the wall to have the poster adequately positioned. Using a stud finder to find the best area to hang the posters is recommended.
  2. Heavy posters can be installed with the use of a mounting hanger. It is also recommended to use wall anchors as these can hold heavy items such as televisions and mirrors.
  3. Hanging multiple posters can be tricky, but with adjustable poster hangers, you will be fine. The hangers can adjust easily so that all pictures can be leveled with one another.
  4. Learn how to tackle plaster, brick, and cement walls. Using these tools will make hanging posters easier. Use a drill to create a small hole before nailing a mount on plaster.