Add Value To Your Home With Wall Decor

June 28, 2021
Art wall 65

Upgrading and redesigning our home is not that simple. You are not just considering the aesthetics but also the budget required as well. Though sometimes, it may be quite expensive, there are always creative and resourceful ways to add value to your home without breaking the bank. One way to add value to your home is by decorating the walls. We have here some ideas on how to create wall decors that can increase the value of your home. 

Walls and their relevance

By definition, walls are structures that define an area, carry a load, and provide shelter. Walls like retaining walls, seawalls, solid fences, and barriers have their respective functions. The walls in houses function in both aesthetics and structure. 

Walls are needed by houses and other structures to support roofs, floors, and ceilings. They are also necessary to enclose any space. In general, there are two types of walls in a structure: framed walls and mass walls. Framed walls are composed of three elements: structural, insulation, and finish. Mass walls are usually made from solid materials that include cement, log, and masonry. 

Wall decor and adding value to your home

In many instances, the walls are left plain with paint of the color of your choice. Though paint adds life to any wall, they often look dull and boring. As such, homeowners and designers prefer to have the walls decorated to make them look more appealing and inviting. In addition to these, wall decors can add value to your home just like any other design and structural element of the house.

The focal point

Every home is not complete without a focal point. A focal point gives you something to look at whenever you are in a room. It can be a potted indoor plant, a large mirror, a painting, a photo gallery, or a large-sized poster. Focal points can give a glimpse of what to expect inside a home. A well-planned and designed focal point can capture the attention of anyone and will likewise add life to the walls. 

Color palette

Well-chosen wall decor can provide a color palette. This is important for plain-colored walls. Wall decors can be the answer to any plain walls or even unfinished walls. Wall decors can finish the job and provide the color palette that you love.


Different wall decor items can provide a different sense of texture to your home. Posters that feature different themes can easily complete the overall appearance of your walls. Abstract art, for instance, has a texture that will add beauty to the whole room.

Wall decor ideas that you will love

In reality, there are many ways and materials that you can utilize to decorate your walls. As mentioned earlier, these need not be expensive. You can always reuse or repurpose certain items and make them into attractive wall decors. Of course, there are easy ways such as the display of photos, posters, and paintings. 

In addition to these, you may also try other wall decors like the use of stencils, canvas paintings, wall decals, floating shelves, framed chalkboards, tapestries, vertical gardens, and photo galleries.