Amazing Benefits of Citrus Fruits

July 27, 2022
Citrus Poster in Black Frame

Citrus fruits have been part of our lives. These round fruits are bright, colorful, fragrant, and refreshing. They are simply irresistible once you see them on your tables. Aside from these, citrus fruits are an essential part of daily nutrition as they are packed with health benefits. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, and fiber. These elements offer great health benefits to humans and have been known since ancient times. Let us look closely at what citrus fruits offer and why they are loved by many individuals. 

High fiber content

An orange serves up to 2.3 grams of fiber and a tangerine has about 1.6 grams. Given this information, citrus fruits can supply us with our daily fiber requirements. The fruits contain soluble fiber and this is associated with lowering blood cholesterol and glucose levels. The insoluble fibers they contain help in bowel movement. 

Citrus fruits are good for the heart

Flavonoids are plant compounds that are known for promoting a healthy heart. These chemical compounds are naturally found in fruits, vegetables, grains, and other plant products. In general, they help the body function properly while protecting the cells from toxins and stressors. Studies have shown that grapefruits help in lowering the bad cholesterol levels in the body, thus lowering the risk of heart disease. 

They have a low glycemic index

In the glycemic index on the 100-point scale, citrus fruits have a relatively low score. This simply means that the fruits would not contribute to the increase in blood sugar. Oranges have a score of 45 while grapefruits have 25. The sugar content in citrus fruits is released slowly giving the body a steady supply of energy. 

Citrus fruits help in fighting the common cold

Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C. Although the vitamin cannot prevent colds, they are found to reduce the duration and decrease the severity. In addition to these, vitamin C can shorten the duration of the symptoms of colds. 

A good source of potassium

Traditionally, bananas are the fruits that come to our minds when we hear about potassium. Little that we knew that citrus fruits are also rich in potassium. This mineral is vital for body fluid regulation, mineral balance, and the normal contraction of muscles. Potassium likewise regulates salt in our body, lowers the risk of stroke, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Better nutrient absorption

With citrus fruits in your diet, your body can absorb more nutrients from the food that you eat. The fruits help the body absorb minerals that are needed to boost the immune system. Iron is also absorbed to help in the production of red blood cells. 

A good source of water

We are aware that other fruits like watermelon and tomatoes help in hydrating the body. Citrus fruits likewise have high water content. Eating citrus fruits can help prevent body dehydration. Remember that our body is practically composed of two-thirds water, and citrus fruits can help maintain the normal functions of the body. 

Younger looking skin

Vitamin C plays a significant role in the production of collagen. It has been observed that people who eat foods that are rich in vitamin C were less likely to develop wrinkles and dry skin. 

A good way to lose weight

Citrus fruits have little to no fat, sodium, or calories, making them the best friends of people who are reducing weight. Studies have also shown that high vitamin C blood levels may result to lower BMI, waist circumference, and body fat percentage.