An Elephant Never Forgets

April 13, 2021
Several Elephants Poster

A popular saying that means having a sharp memory. True enough, elephants are intelligent animals and known for having good memories. Not only that the majestic animals never forget, they can also help give memorable experience with decorative items and prints. Read on to learn more about how elephants can be attractive decor for a more extraordinary home. 

Ground shaking truths about elephants

Elephants are immediately recognized due to their remarkable trunks and tusks. They are the world’s largest land animals and can weigh up to 6 tons. Elephants are social animals, especially the females who live in herds with their relatives. Male elephants usually live alone or with small groups.

With the colossal size of their bodies, elephants need larger areas to sustain their needs such as water and food. Unfortunately, their habitats are already shrinking due to different human activities. Moreover, the threat of poaching still exists for their tusks. 

Elephants as home decors

In some cultures, elephants are considered to be sacred animals. Many people use elephant-themed home decors to spread good fortune in their homes. Elephants symbolize good luck, wisdom, fertility, and protection of the home. These are the reasons why elephant motifs are commonly used as home decors. 

The position of the trunk of elephants is of significance in feng shui. For instance, if the trunk is pointed upward represents good fortune. On the other hand, if the trunk is pointed downward, it is believed to accumulate energy. 

Elephant-themed posters

Whether you are aware or not, our lives are covered with art. From the clothes we wear to the graffiti sprayed on the side of buildings, art has always been there to represent the ideas of the artist or to make our surroundings vibrant and interesting.  The use of elephant-themed decor items has been commonly done to depict the lives and symbolisms of the majestic mammals. 

The figure of elephants is recognized as being strong and hefty. They also symbolize good fortune in many cultures. Images of the animal have been used in trinkets, statues, and in printed art. For example, posters that feature elephants add beauty to any wall. The natural colors used can boost the overall appearance of the walls. 

These prints can likewise give your home a touch of nature which create a calm and relaxing room atmosphere. Though they may not appear as the trinkets and figurines, elephant-themed prints can add beauty to any wall and room. Elephants in herds also symbolize their social nature and close ties with the family.

Black and white prints evoke a timeless beauty. They also give a vintage or classic appearance to the rooms. Elephant posters in this theme along with other black and white prints are perfect to create a compelling wall art. 

Dreaming of having a safari of your own. Decorating your walls with animal-themed posters will bring Africa right to your home. The images of different wild animals will not only add beauty, they will likewise educate us of their importance in the ecosystem. Kids are also fond of animals, and the display of animal-themed prints can inspire us to appreciate the beauty of nature.