Apartment Hunting Tips You Should Know

February 16, 2022
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Would you agree if we say that hunting for a new apartment is like choosing a partner? Finding the right place may mean that you have to meet some of your requirements, if not all of them. Sometimes the process is tedious and would take some time and lots of effort. Just like dating, once you find an apartment, you can either fall in love with it or keep your options open. We understand that looking for a new place is not an easy task. Here, we’re going to give you some interesting tips that hopefully you can use when looking for an apartment. 

Know and stick to your budget

Before checking the internet or the classified ads for apartments, better to check your bank account so you can get a feel for your price range. The ideal expenditure for an apartment rent is 30% of your income. So if you are earning around Php 20,000 a month, you can set aside around Php 6,000 for the rent. There is also another way to survive in this ordeal, the 50/30/20 rule. 50% on fixed needs like rent, utilities, and transportation; 30% on daily expenses, such as shopping, eating out, and others; 20% on long-term goals like debt and retirement. Whatever your goal in life, you need to crunch some numbers before you go hunting for an apartment. 

Check different websites

The good thing about technology these days is that almost everything can be accessed online. From food delivery to clothing, things can be searched and ordered online. It is recommended to check for local websites for affordable apartments. Check various social media sites as many companies and communities use them to advertise their properties. Facebook and Instagram are two of the best sites to check as there are millions of users in the country alone. Join several “apartment/condo/house for sale or rent” groups to get good deals. Just be careful with dealing with different people so you will not experience some regrets while looking for a place. 

Keep track of your progress

Many people want to be organized, especially when they are on a quest. Use maps to know the areas that you have covered or plan to visit. Spreadsheets will also help you keep track of the different apartments as well as their lease terms, requirements, and locations. You may also want to know the utilities and other perks included. Add also notes about redecorating the apartment. Of course, there is a chance that you want to personalize the apartment. Ask the landlord if this is possible so that you can buy the decorations you will need, such as wallpaper, posters, and floating shelves. 

Inspect the apartment

It is always best to make visits and personally inspect the apartment. Be sure to check anything, especially some parts that the owner wants to hide. Check inside cabinets and on top of shelves as there may be vermin living inside. It is also recommended to bring a phone charger to check if all outlets are working. See if sinks and showers are working properly. Check for leaks so that you will not encounter any problems later. 

Prepare the apartment

After searching, you may already have your eyes on one. After signing the contract and approving the terms of the landlord, it is time to check for the things that you will be needing. If the owner agrees on doing some decorating, then get the items that you need. Start with the walls as this is the fastest and easiest way to decorate. Create wall art or display anything that will make the room look or feel more like home. If you want to display prints or photos, have them in frames to give your new place a touch of elegance.  Do not forget to keep things organized and clean. Look for storage areas or if the apartment lacks one, there are space-saving storages that you can purchase.