Attractive Frames For Your Posters

February 24, 2021
black poster frame from artdesign

Frames are not only used to protect posters. They are also used as wall decors especially in adding to the beauty of the prints. There are many frames to choose from, however, not all are appropriate to be displayed in your home. The ideal frame will make any poster look more compelling and interesting. 

The display of posters can make a difference to the appearance of your room. Posters are preferred by many individuals to showcase their love for art. This is also true if they want to add a theme to their homes. There are instances when posters are just tacked on the walls or sticked on with adhesives. Unfortunately, these can cause damage to the poster as well as to the walls. 

Poster Frames as Wall Decors

It is a fact that the display of posters is a cost efficient way to beautify your walls. However, many homeowners commit a mistake by just using adhesives or tacks in displaying them. These methods can damage both the poster and the walls.

The use of frames can level up your game. Frames can upgrade the appearance of posters and make them look more appealing. In addition to making the poster look more fantastic, they can likewise protect the prints from external factors, such as dust and scratches. Different frames can also change the appeal of the posters. 

Though it is easy to install frames, there are still some factors that need to be considered, such as color and style. There will always be a frame that will suit your needs. Antique frames, for instance, can give a classic look that will go well with a contemporary themed poster design. Bold-colored frames can also give a modern vibe to your poster as well as to your room. 

Wooden frames to give your room a rustic feel

If you are an individual who tends to love the warm and folk style, wooden frames may be the right one for you. The natural appearance of wood can likewise give your room a rustic feel. This style can give your room a cozy and comfortable mood that is perfect for relaxing. 

Tips on how to hang poster frames

Hanging posters and poster frames on your walls is one of the easiest ways to create a more stylish and personalized interior appearance. Here are some tips on how to display your posters and make your home look more appealing:

  • Deal first with drywall mounting. For example, the use of hooks are highly recommended to drywall and frames with wire backings. Do the necessary measurements on the wall to properly place the poster. 
  • Heavy posters can be displayed with the use of a mounting hanger. It is also recommended to use wall anchors as these can hold heavy items such as televisions and mirrors
  • Hanging multiple posters can be tricky. This can be resolved with the use of adjustable poster hangers. The hangers can be adjusted so that all posters can be leveled with one another.
  • Tackle plaster, brick, and cement walls. These tools will make hanging posters easier. Use a drill to create a small hole before nailing a mount on plaster.