Barangay Balesin Improvement Fund Campaign

October 27, 2022
Balesin Island Club logo

Bayanihan is one of the inherent traits of Filipinos. Many of us have participated in various efforts to ease the lives of our fellow citizens. In colleges and universities, students are required to be part of the NSTP program to address the needs of different communities. Many organizations conduct their projects and campaigns. 

Balesin Island Club has answered this call with a project for the communities on the island. Balesin Island is located off the eastern coast of Luzon and is administered by the municipality of Polillo, Quezon. Approximately 10% of the island has been developed for the Balesin Island Club. This luxury resort helps ecological sustainability. 

Since launching the Barangay Balesin Improvement Fund Campaign, the resort has helped the community on the island in various ways. Balesin Island Club has collaborated with to help strengthen this project. We know that staying on the island creates priceless memories. These memories can be materialized through personalized posters. Club members can order their posters online through this link, Balesin photos can be uploaded to create a portrait that can be delivered in a short period. 

For every purchase of personalized and trendy art posters by Balesin Island Club Members and Guests, 20% of the sales will go to the project. This campaign will go a long way toward the sustainability of the island.