Benefits Of Going To Art Galleries

April 5, 2022
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Many people think that visiting art galleries and museums is just like strolling in the park with your loved ones. People sometimes do not understand the reasons why people go to art galleries. It is not a thing that only wealthy people can do. In fact, studies have shown that going to art galleries offers health benefits. In Metro Manila alone, you will be fascinated with the number of art galleries. Try to visit some of them, especially when you are in a mall. These venues will give you the opportunity to learn and explore, and maybe discover the artistic side of you. Read on to learn some of the benefits of visiting art galleries.

Art galleries can help improve your health

Studies have shown that there is a significant correlation between creating or viewing art, and having good health, satisfaction with one’s life, and lower rates of anxiety and depression. This study was conducted on both men and women and the results are positive. 

Museums and art galleries improve thinking and empathy

Another study that was published by the University of Arkansas in 2014 showed that students who visited art museums and galleries changed the way they think and feel. Of the students who participated in the study, most of them retained factual information, improved critical thinking skills, and developed historical empathy. 

Art helps in mimicking the physical sensation of love

It was also observed that viewing attractive artwork can cause you to experience the same physical reactions we get when we fall in love. This was supported by the studies conducted in London wherein the subjects who were exposed to beautiful art immediately released the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is known to be related to feelings of love, pleasure, and desire. 

You will get to experience art outside your screens

Since we are now in the digital age as well as the era of pandemics, people tend to rely mostly on their gadgets and desktop computers. We never knew that this day will come when people would have more fun in front of their screens rather than being outside. Art galleries give students the opportunity to explore the art, especially its details, and these cannot be observed or seen on your monitors. Learners will be able to appreciate the colors, images, patterns, and other elements that are not clearly seen while viewing them on any mobile device and desktop computer. 

Art changes how we see the world

Schools are often blamed when children do not learn life skills. Viewing art boosts the emotional intelligence of kids. It also gives them experiences of empathy and gives them exposure to new world views and ideas. Visiting art museums and galleries help in personal development. 

Museums and galleries give kids a greater sense of historical identity. Artworks made by local artists can help you find your place in the world. They will learn the history of the country and how it has changed over the years. 

These are just some of the benefits that art museums and galleries offer. Of course, children still rely on the guidance and assistance of adults for them to clearly see the bigger picture.