Budget-friendly Ways To Frame Your Posters

September 29, 2021
Black frame close up view

Many of us love posters as they can easily make any wall look fantastic. Sometimes they remind us of our teenage years when we were decorating our rooms with posters of our favorite bands. These days, there are thousands of designs and themes available. From abstract art to personalized designs, these posters can help you achieve the desired effects in your rooms. What makes it more interesting is that the addition of posters can add beauty to the poster design. If you are worried that frames will be an added cost, then there are budget-friendly ways to frame your prints. Read on to learn more about cost-efficient ways to frame posters.

Decide if you will mat your poster

We will assume that you already have your poster collection and are now planning to frame them. But before buying posters, decide first if you are going to add a mat. This is one of the factors that will determine the size of the frame you need. 

There are posters that are not of standard size. As such, they will not fit any generic-sized frame without a mat. Others would tend to cut the poster to fit the frame which is not supposed to be the case. Of course, matting would add to the cost therefore it is better if you buy a poster that will fit a generic-sized frame. 

Where to buy frames

For a more impressive result, buy your frames at craft shops. Many shops offer discounts that will help save enough cash you can use in other projects. Local stores also have different choices to offer that will best fit your prints. Some are sold in kits with included instructions on how to install them on your posters. That would be cheaper than having a professional do it for you. Although, professionals do framing the right way. 

Keep it simple

Choose frames that are simple to highlight the poster design. Extravagant-looking posters may tend to mask the beauty of the poster. Keep it simple by using a neutral-colored frame such as black or white. The white mat also highlights the art. 

Simple steps to frame a poster

Now that you already have a frame and mat, it is time to put them together. In fact, this is the easy part, and that the challenge is with the decision-making process. In Artdesign, we offer a complete set to complete your decorating experience. Here are the basic steps of framing your posters.

  1. Upon unboxing, carefully remove the frame and artwork from the box.
  2. Bend all the frame fittings.
  3. Remove the cover of the frame located at the back.
  4. Lift the acrylic glass from the frame.
  5. Pel the acrylic protective paper on both sides of the glass. Do this carefully so as not to accidentally break the glass. 
  6. Return the acrylic glass carefully to the frame. 
  7. Place the artwork on the frame and smoothen out any wrinkles. 
  8. Replace the back cover of the frame.
  9. Secure the back cover by bending all the fittings.
  10. Screw the hook on the frame and you are all set up to mount it on your wall.

Hanging your poster

There are various ways to display a framed poster. Moreover, there are some factors to consider for you to be able to hang them properly. Examples are the size and weight of the picture as well as the type of wall and hanger on the frame.

The size and weight are important factors as these will determine the right hook to use. Small art needs only a small hook, nail, or stick-on hook. Large and heavy art may require an anchor hook or more than one hook or nail.

Drywalls only need a nail. However, for heavier pictures or posters, you could use a Monkey Hook. Plaster walls, on the other hand, need a hook that is made for plaster. Another option is to use a stick-on hook or nail. Another factor to consider is the back of your frame. The hook should match the type of hanger that is attached.