Clutter Free Homes With This Easy Tips

June 7, 2021
Paper cutout art collection no. 5 poster in interior

Every home faces a dilemma every day. The accumulation of clutter is one of the biggest problems that we encounter. A simple obstruction to the traffic can be annoying. What more if they pile up and become an eyesore. Read on to know some simple ways on how to make your home clutter free to make it comfortable and relaxing.  

Start a clutter free home by moving around

There are times that homeowners are not able to check their homes. Especially the storage areas. There may be some areas that are neglected and as such dirt and other items tend to accumulate. It is best that you move around your home and pick up things that are misplaced. Either you place them in their respective places or dispose of them.

Check your storage areas like shelves, bags, side tables, and cabinets. In many instances, we tend to keep rubbish like receipts, small notes, and candy wrappers. It is recommended to throw them away as these small items add to the clutter. It is also recommended to place trash bins in strategic places so that you may be able to throw your trash immediately. 

Small item collection can add to the clutter

Pens, coins, sticky notes, and other small items can be seen everywhere. While moving around your home, collect them and place them near your work or study area. You may also see misplaced paper clips, rubber bands, and other office or school materials. Provide a box where you can place them as you may still need them in the future. Ignoring them will surely be an eyesore in the future. Do this habit or return them immediately in their proper places to make your home clutter free.

Pick up your clothes for clutter free rooms

Remember. Your home is not a dressing room. Sometimes we tend to just leave them on the floor after we change our outfits. This is true especially when you are in a hurry. Used clothes should be placed in the laundry basket and the clean ones in the cabinet or shelves. Fold washed clothes immediately and place them in the storage areas. You will be surprised that you need not iron them, thus saving more on electricity. 

Coins can cause clutter

There are times that we just leave the coins anywhere. You see them in the jacket pocket, bedside table, on top of the refrigerator, or even in front of your computer. Provide a jar for them so that when you see a scattered coin, you can immediately place them in the jar. Who knows, you might be able to collect and save some amount to buy a few things. 

Final Thoughts

Cleaning and clearing up your homes are a tedious process. Plan ahead of time and it is best to clear your home area by area. For example, clean the living room today, the bedroom tomorrow, and the kitchen the day after tomorrow. In this way, you will be able to know which room has been finished and move forward with the rest of the house. Inform your family about this activity so that they may be able to help you.