Color Mixing Ideas For Your Home

May 27, 2021
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Many people find color mixing fun and interesting. This is the time when you stimulate the creativity side of your brain and come up with color combinations for your home. Others would find this challenging yet the results can be fantastic. Here we have some tips on how to do color mixing and apply them in your homes. So next time, you will feel like a pro in color combinations. 

Color mixing and the use of color wheel

Color wheel is an abstract organization of the different hues of colors that are arranged in circles. It represents the science behind color and likewise shows how colors relate to each other. Color wheel contains three primary colors, three secondary colors, and six tertiary colors. Understanding how colors affect each other will help you create the right color schemes. The complementary color schemes are made up of colors that are opposite to each other on the wheel. As such, the colors reflect light differently, creating a dynamic appeal.

Color mixing, on the other hand, has two types: additive mixing and subtractive mixing. Additive mixing is when you add colors to create white light. The primary colors are the most commonly used. While subtractive mixing is the four color printing process that uses cyan, magenta, black, and yellow.

How to mix colors for an appealing home 

If you know the fundamentals of the color wheel, then color mixing would be easy. Color mapping is the process when you pull the color throughout the space. It is mapping the color throughout the entire room. This method is to ensure that the three primary colors are repeated proportionally thus making the room cohesive. 

The use of black and white also create variety. Adding white to a certain color creates a tint, while adding black creates a shade. Both create the same color but with different tones and can be used to add vibe to your space. Colors with higher value are more intense while colors with lower value are more mellow. 

Still hesitant to start your decorating project? You may decide to begin with your favorite color. After which, you may decide the mood or atmosphere that you want to incorporate into your rooms. Use the color wheel to help you choose the right accent and tints. For sure, you will be awe-inspired when this project is completed.

Posters to add color

Gone are the days of plain-colored walls. The use of different wall decors help in creating a remarkable room appearance. Over the years, posters have been used to complete the overall appearance of your walls. Artdesign has a wide range of poster designs that will help you become successful in your project. 

Choose from the different themes that we have. Vibrant posters are perfect to create a fun and exciting interior. Black and white prints, on the other hand, can give you a classic and timeless appeal.