Color Palette Ideas For Your Home

May 28, 2021
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The first thing to consider in creating a home is the color. Creating a home color palette will make your decorating choices much easier and can create a flow between rooms. Your choice of colors completely depends on you. Experts recommend sticking to 3 to 5 colors for the color palette. 

Monochromatic color scheme is ideal for homeowners who want to have a modern and clean home. Harmonious color schemes, on the other hand, can give you a calm and relaxing feeling. Complementary colors are opposite from each other on the color wheel and each color stands alone. 

So, whatever color palette you choose, will reflect who you are and what atmosphere you want for your home. 

Best color palette for the bedroom

Shades of blue are observed to be calming and people in blue bedrooms get more sleep than any other color. This is for the reason that there are receptors in our eyes that are sensitive to the color blue. The color can also lower the heart rate and blood pressure. Studies have also shown that blue bedrooms can make you feel happy when you wake up. 

Yellow is said to be the second best color for the bedroom. It stimulates the nervous system and encourages relaxation and promotes coziness. 

Green can also promote sleep and can help waking up with a feeling upbeat and positive. Warm colors are also observed to create a relaxing atmosphere that can aid digestion. The colors can likewise help warm and relax body muscles so that one may have a good night’s sleep. 

Cool color palette for the bathroom

Warm colors such as orange and red represent energy and activity. Cool blues and greens on the other hand, are soothing and calming. 

Before settling on a color palette, think about what you want to feel in your bathroom. Is it energized or relaxed? Color orange is energizing but does not overwhelm when paired with neutral tile. 

When red is paired with a clean white backdrop, the bathroom design mixes old and new to create something totally new. While classic neutrals such as beige and tan can create a casual, classic bathroom style that can be dressed up with colorful accessories. 

Design color palette for your kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, the common colors seen are white, gray, blue, red, yellow and green. Each one of them can do something for the room by creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Red is also considered to be a warm color and can stimulate the appetite. The color is said to be one of the good choices for the kitchen. The color is likewise versatile and can be used on the cabinets or on the walls. White on the other hand, can energize the room and will wake you up the minute you step in. Color white on the countertops and backsplash can be fun especially when they are in brighter colors or designs.

Great color combinations in the living room

Colors commonly seen in nature such as sky blue and leaf green have a calming effect on us. While red is stimulating and yellow is said to be uplifting. Experts recommend that decorating with one color on walls and furniture is to use different shades of the same color together. For instance, soft apple green sofa paired with emerald metal side tables can create a wonderful effect. If you want to have a dramatic and modern look, paint the walls with dark midnight blue. Add furniture in rich shades like a pink sofa. 

Pastel colors such as powder blue, pink or lilac can be incorporated with striped or floral accessories to make the living room more interesting. Lighter shades of color can make the room feel as big as possible.