Color Your Home For The New Year

December 27, 2023
Lantern Festival Poster in Black Frame

Celebrating the New Year in the Philippines is filled with traditions and beliefs. History tells us that different cultures, such as the Chinese, Americans, and Spanish, have greatly influenced us. 

Adding colors to homes before and during the New Year’s Eve celebration is essential for many families. Specific colors are believed to bring good luck. Studies have shown that colors have significant effects on the mind and body. That is why the colors we add to our rooms are essential, as these may affect our mood and behavior. Regarding the New Year celebration, some colors are considered lucky when seen around or wearing them. 


White has many symbols. It represents innocence, purity, and hygiene. It is also associated with religious traditions and specific works of art. 


One of the events that has been celebrated for many years is the Lunar New Year. This has been observed for thousands of years and is celebrated in many Asian countries. Red is used to scare off a hungry beast believed to terrorize villages every New Year. These days, red is associated with good luck and good fortune by the Chinese and other Asian cultures. 


Purple is associated with wealth, so the color is only seen in European and Asian monarchs. The reason is that the original vibrant purple dye, made in ancient Phoenicia, needed around 250,000 rare sea snails. Do note also that the number of sea snails only produces about an ounce of the dye. This makes the color so expensive that only wealthy people can afford it. 


Blue is associated with religious traditions and serenity in art. Blue is also believed to have mystical properties due to its rarity. Make your home look serene with blue for a more peaceful New Year. 


Silver is one of the most precious metals in the world. It was mined more than 5000 years ago. The shiny hue is associated with all the exceptional opportunities this New Year. 


Studies have shown that the color green leads to better physical and mental health. The reason is that the color is associated with nature. Green also increases positive emotions and vibes. This is why you must bring the color to your home this year.