Create a Mid-Century Themed Room

February 22, 2021
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The mid-century design theme was developed from 1945 to the 1980s and it emphasizes simplicity and influence of nature. The design style makes use of flat planes, open space, and large glass windows. This is an architectural and interior design concept that focuses on 20th-century developments.

The Beauty of Mid-Century Design

Mid-Century design style aims to bring modernism to the suburbs during the postwar era. As such, infrastructures are created with windows and open floor plans such that the interior will have a view of the outside world. In addition to these, different design elements are included to create an attractive interior:

  • Influenced by the Danish design that focuses on the use of teak, oak, rosewood, and walnut for the furniture pieces.
  • Clean lines, geometric shapes, and organic curves are some of the common features.
  • Other materials that are commonly used are plastic, stainless steel, and plywood

A Colorful Past

The concept of the mid-century design style was started by the architects who fled Germany during the rise of the Nazis. Architects, such as Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer, taught at Harvard Graduate School of Design together with Mies van der Rohe. 

After the Second World War, new materials were used in construction. Examples of which are steel and plywood. The mid-century was established after the war wherein the houses have open floor plans and large sliding glass doors. The windows also have a unique design as they encourage people to become close to nature.

Features of the Design Style

With a mixture of classic appearance with clean lines and a touch of minimalism, you can easily achieve the Mid-Century interior design style. Here are some of the wonderful features that you can consider in doing your interior design project:

  • Clutter less and clean lines with geometric forms
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Combination of traditional and non-traditional materials
  • Presence of contrasting materials

Mid-Century Design Ideas For Your Project

Want to be successful in your home makeover project? Here are some simple and inspiring ideas that may help you in achieving the design style:

  • A touch of nature – sliding doors, large windows, and patios give the interior a view of nature to enjoy its benefits
  • Impressive furniture pieces – the addition of a compelling furniture piece to make it the focal point of the room along with other pieces to complement the overall appearance
  • Simple lines and pure forms – furnishing and other decorative items can be highlighted when displayed
  • Stylish lighting – unique looking chandeliers, bubble lights, and floor lamps can both add to the aesthetics and function.
  • Colors – mix and match colors that can be pleasing to the eye
  • Mid-Century themed posters – artdesign has some of the best looking trendy poster arts that can highlight the Mid-Century design style of your interior. 

Impressive Wall Art With Mid-Century Themed Posters

Sometimes the walls are neglected in decorating your home. However, walls are a powerful part of the house that can be utilized to highlight the Mid-Century design style. With the use of posters from the wide range of selection of artdesign, you will be able to complete the overall appearance of the room.

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