Create Cute Halloween Decorations For Your Home

August 9, 2021
Black stencil cat poster

Halloween is just around the corner and still not decided on what to decorate your home? Halloween decorations need not always be scary. Many kids around the world celebrate the season with costumes and going around the neighborhood for trick or treat. Prepare your home for Halloween with scary but cute decorations. Both kids and adults will surely love them and will make your home perfect for the season.

History of Halloween

Halloween was thought to have started with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. During those times, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to get rid of lost souls. In the 8th century, Pope Gregory III designated the 1st of November as a day to honor all saints and martyrs. Since then, the day has been called All Saint’s Day. The eve before November 1 was called All Hallow’s Eve and eventually named Halloween. Over the years, the holiday became a celebration for the whole community where kid-friendly activities were organized. 

How Halloween is celebrated

Houses and other establishments were designed not only to scare people. They were decorated to entertain, thrill, and astonish viewers. These days, Halloween decorations are displayed to let people feel the spirit of the holiday. In many instances, decorations may appear scary, but there are those that are funny and cute. Just like in many holidays, families prepare food, decorate their interior and exterior, and buy candies for kids for their trick or treat activities. 

DIY Halloween decorations for the family

DIY Halloween decorations are fun and challenging. With the right materials, inspirations, and creativity, you will be able to successfully create decors that will make your homes look impressive. DIY decorations will also save you money to buy other items needed for the holiday. You can also check your storage for items and materials that you can use to make the necessary transformations in your homes. Posters and scary pictures may also be used to easily decorate the walls. You may also check yard sales, antique stores, and thrift shops for items on sale. 

Outdoor Halloween decoration ideas

Halloween decorations can be displayed for a month. These will make your front yard and even the backyard look scary and awesome. Here are some cool ideas that you can use to make your homes visually appealing:

Oversized poseable hairy spider

Create a 4-feet wide spider that will send chills down the spines of your neighbor. This can be done with different materials such as cartons, old newspaper, paint, and others.

Inverted cross tombstone

Turn your front yard into a haunted cemetery with a couple of strategically placed tombstones.

Crazy black skeleton cat

This can be made from plastic and look like a creepy cat that is frozen in an attack stance. A cool decor that will greet any trick or treaters who will visit your home.

Fog machine

Hide the fog machine in a thick layer of shrubs as it pumps out thick layers of clouds. The fog may then cover your lawn that will enhance a scary vibe.

Grim reaper statue

A hooded figure that wears a weathered, time-worn piece of garment. This can be illuminated with flameless candles to create a ghoulish glow.

Halloween decorations that kids will love

There are many things that you can do to make the season be felt in your home. New or old decorations are great to create the right atmosphere. With creativity and imagination, you will be able to transform the interior of your homes into something festive and scary. Here are a few examples Jack-o-lanterns, candy corn licorice trees, mustached ghosts, decoupage pumpkins, and painted pumpkin luminaries.