Creative Ideas For A Wall Gallery Of Family Photos

October 29, 2021
Baby line art No1 personal poster in interior

Making your own wall gallery is a wonderful way to showcase your most-loved family photos. Many homeowners create wall galleries since it gives you the freedom on how to design them in a way that best suits your taste. You can create a wall gallery with the use of only a few photos, or fill the wall with photos of your family adventures. Personalized posters that feature family photos are also great to display especially when they are in attractive frames. Read on to learn more about creating a wall gallery of family photos.

Plan the wall design

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the wall where you will have the wall gallery. Whether you have a huge, empty wall in the living room or in the hallway, proper planning will give you the right idea on how to properly design your wall art. It is also recommended to choose a space that will allow you to add more photos in the future. 

It is also wonderful if the prints you are going to display will not leave any holes on the walls or damage the paint. This is to give you more options and freedom when adding family photos in the future. There are many spots in your home that can be used to create your wall gallery. These can be filled with several smaller prints or a couple of large ones. Even small spaces can have a wall gallery of family photos with the use of smaller prints. 

Choose the photos you want to be displayed

Now that you already have an idea of what your wall will look like, the next that you need to consider is the theme. Pick a theme that will connect the photos in the gallery as though they are all in one large piece of art. Think about continuity. There are countless ways to do this and you can choose photos that were taken from a photoshoot or event. Wedding photos of your family members are also perfect for the wall gallery whether they are posed seriously or candidly. You may also have spent some adventures with your families such as camping, hiking, mountain climbing, or a trip to the beach. You can also create a timeline wall gallery where you can display photos that have been taken over the years. They will also look great if they are printed in black and white to create a timeless classic in your home. 

Pick the right prints

If you are having a hard time choosing the theme, you can simply add all the chosen photos even if they do not coordinate with each other. Display all of them in matching frames so you can pull them off. 

Create balance

When planning for the design of your wall gallery, think of two things: the collection of art will create one large piece in the form of a wall gallery. Imagine a vertical line on the wall to create visual balance. If you also have family photos in different sizes, position the largest piece of art on the bottom-left of the gallery wall arrangement. 

Trial first

Of course, before finalizing everything, do some test runs first. Check if your creation is appealing to your family and guests. If you feel that a photo does not belong to the group, then change it with another photo. Remember that upgrading your walls is not always permanent. There will always be some adjustments so everything will blend with each other.