Creative Ways To Display Your Photos

March 16, 2022
Special poster inspired by Randy Santiago pop art poster

In the old days, people are satisfied with displaying their photos on picture frames. Although this is still the trend these days, you can still make it look amazing with some creative and fun ideas. As such, your home will have a cool statement that may serve as an inspiration for others. Read on to learn more about how to be more ingenious in displaying your photos. Who knows, you can be one of the trendsetters in wall decoration

Create a photo wall

Creating photo walls or gallery walls is one of the great ways to display your family photos. With this method, you will be able to capture and preserve memories in your home. Many homeowners prefer having the gallery wall in the living room. The truth is, it can be done in any room. Whether in the bedroom for a more private appeal or the dining room so that you’ll have a conversation starter before you dine with your guests. Photo walls do their job in making the wall look fantastic and likewise in creating a nostalgic room atmosphere. 

Use standing frames

Who says that photos can be displayed only on walls? Standing frames are made from different materials such as wood, bamboo, and metals, such as copper. With these, your photos will have a completely different and interesting way of displaying. 

Magnetize them

Photos are not just exclusive to be displayed on social media. You can easily turn those photos into magnets to display in your kitchen. Choose the photos, install magnets, and display them however you like on your refrigerator. 

Mix photos and art

Your photos are not the only ones that need to be displayed for exceptional wall art. Other decors can be added such as art. And when we say art, it does not have to be those expensive ones. You can display the art of your kids to have a more personalized wall design. It is recommended to have framed personalized art so that the wall can represent who and what you are. 

Arrange the photos 

The arrangement of your photos can be in different ways. Be creative and have the family photos arranged in various shapes. You can display them in a heart-shape arrangement or even in a collage-type appearance. 

Numerous photos in a print

Gather dozens of your favorite photos and arrange them in block-style in one print. It is better to have the photos in the same size. Display it over the sofa or in a bare hallway for instant wall art.

Nature-inspired display

Bring the outdoors inside with a rustic display. Get a piece of wood or a stick, attach pieces of rope and fasten mini clothespin for the pictures. Decorate it with ornaments and other items. The photos must be of the same size to make the wall art look cohesive and cool.

Poster prints

Have your photos in print. This is one way to personalize the walls and many experts recommend having the posters in frames

Create a gallery vibe

If you want to have that gallery look then use floating frames. These are acrylic displays with screws in brass finish for an elevated look. With these, you can have a modern appeal with your photos on the display.