Customize Your Homes For The Holidays

November 9, 2023
Family Photo no. 1 poster in interior

Everyone loves to have the perfect Christmas photo. It is the season for parties, reunions, and photo ops with your loved ones. With the number of pictures you have collected, there may be no more place for new ones in your albums. Be creative and use family photos to personalize your home for Christmas. An extraordinary way to display your family’s adventures is during the holidays. Christmas is all about families and the love you’ve shared. Here are some exciting ideas on how to take Instagrammable family photos for the holidays. 

Display traditional Christmas decor

Spruce up your home by displaying Christmas decorations all around and in the backyard. Any holiday decor will do and indeed spread cheer and represent the family’s personality. It may take time to display them, so it is better to take them from the storage as early as when the -ber months start. This will also give you time to test all the lights and replace the ones that are not working anymore. 


Once the Christmas decorations are up, you can take photos with your friends and family. The decors can be great props or backdrops, so you need not worry about it. These will also give you an instant theme. Simply frame the shot and establish the proper lighting. Try to experiment with zoom lenses to get the right angle and shot. 

Beautiful photos with your loved ones

It is common for us to take candid shots with our loved ones. Most of them are hilarious and show the real you. Make it more relaxed with formal photos. These photos are staged and professional-looking. You get to wear your best outfit and be in your model-like pose.


Displaying your formal pictures is the most classic way of personalizing your home for the holidays. These will likewise gather all eyes together and make them the attraction of your rooms. Formal photos can also be used to send greetings to your friends, just like Christmas cards. Standard images may sometimes be challenging, especially with toddlers at home. The pictures can be extra special, with all members wearing clothes in Christmas colors. Make it easy for you and use good quality cellphone cameras to take the pictures. 

Photos during Christmas celebrations

Food photos can be a great display during the holidays. Having a feast with your family is extra special. Especially when it is documented with photos, capturing the dining table or kitchen full of people preparing the dinner. Grab all these events and try to tell stories to create a nostalgic atmosphere when you display them.