Cute Ways To Personalize The Nursery

March 14, 2022
Baby line art No1 personal poster in interior

There is nothing more cute and lovely than decorating the nursery. You have chosen the color and furniture pieces of the room and now you want to customize it for a more personal look. This is probably the most exciting part of preparing the home for the arrival of the baby. You may also have memories during the pregnancy that you want to be part of the room. Here are some tips on how to make the nursery look amazing.

Patterned bedding

Wondering where to start personalizing the nursery? You can start with the crib or the bed. Choosing a whimsical pattern can represent your personality and your little bundle of joy. 

Soft and calming lighting

The addition of soft lighting with a table or even floor lamps or a small plug-in nightlight gives the nursery a soothing touch during nighttime. These lightings can also be used while changing diapers and nursing them. They are perfect for babies as they are not offensive to their sense of vision. Remember that their eyes are still developing and quite sensitive to strong light.

Fun and exciting wall art

When it comes to the walls of the nursery, it also deserves the same treatment as the living room or bedroom. There are many ways to spruce up the walls and personalize them. The fastest way is to hang trendy framed art that will add colors and life to the room. It is also recommended to choose poster designs in soft and muted colors so that they will not harm the eyes of the baby. 

Decorative rug

Adding a rug or play mat is perfect for making the nursery more comfortable and inviting, especially during the nap time of your baby. Rugs and mats can make the other decor of the room look and feel more cohesive. 

Cool and unique color palette

White walls are a thing of the past. These days, there are many paint colors that can be used to personalize the nursery. Selecting a color palette is a cool way to add a touch of individuality into the room.

Creative and functional storage

Shelvings and decorative baskets and bins are convenient items to store various baby items. You can use these to store books, toys, and diaper-changing materials. In addition to these, you will be able to prevent the accumulation of clutter that may cause accidents. Of course, we do not want that to happen.

Window treatments

Adding drapes or Roman shades in a hue that complements the color of the room is an easy way to add texture and depth. These can likewise be functional by limiting the entrance of natural light to the room if the need arises.

Pregnancy or birth souvenir items

Newborn photos, ultrasound images, and other mementos can be displayed to personalize the nursery. Having these images in framed and personalized posters is one of the best ways to create wall art. As such, the design of the wall evokes a nostalgic vibe that will boost the overall room atmosphere.