Decorate A French Restaurant With Style

June 20, 2022
French cuisine themed posters banner

France is known for having the language of love and of course, its sumptuous cuisine. If you are planning to redecorate your restaurant or just owned a French restaurant, then there are a few things that you need to consider about decor and interior design. There are in fact many choices when it comes to decorating the interior. From being classic to a modern interior, the ultimate goal is to stay true to traditions and cooking recipes. 

Although France wants to maintain the traditional look and taste of its restaurants, the Westerns have adopted the concepts and contributed to the growth and popularity of French western cuisines.  Whether you keep with the tradition or have a mixed fusion, decorating a French restaurant will give an unforgettable experience.  Read on to know how to create a kick-ass French interior decor.

Visit French restaurants to research their composition

No need to act like James Bond and go spying on different French restaurants. Do the visits discretely and never flaunt your plans. Remember that they may be your competitors in the future. While doing the visits, familiarize yourself with their design but do not copy the entire interior. You need to know the flaws so that you may be able to improve them for your own restaurant. 

The prices on the menu, as well as the dishes, are vital for your success. You want to be affordable but not cheap as this may affect your brand. So be mindful of these factors. If you are planning to have a high-end restaurant, be inspired by expensive furnishing and elaborate dishes. For not so expensive image, mix up the menu a bit to attract more customers. 

Pick the right location

Location is everything. Never choose an area where your restaurant will not be noticed. A restaurant in business areas attracts more customers. A remote location like the mountainside or at the lakeside will give your customers magnificent views, far from an urban setting. 

Choose staff who knows French cuisine

Hire a chef who is fully knowledgeable about French cooking. They may even be required to learn some French words to enhance the theme of the restaurant. As such, they may likewise be prepared to answer any question from the customers. 

The restaurant appearance

Visiting some French restaurants may already have given you ideas about the interior and exterior appearances. Many believe that a French restaurant has to be complicated with motifs, gold colors, and ornaments. The truth is that the appearance of the interior depends on the time period you want to feature. If you aim for minimalism, then opt for simple moldings and ornaments. 

There are features that are considered to be the main components of a classic French restaurant design: cornice, arches, fireplace, moldings, ceiling and wall paintings, soft furniture, classic chandeliers, mirrors, curtains, golden polished frames, classic walls sconces, and vases with ornaments and flowers

If you want your customers to enjoy a real French restaurant vibe then lean towards decorating and enhancing the theme. Focus on French-style doors, candlelight ambiance, and floral aromas. 

Happy decorating!