Decorate The Hallway To Create An Inviting Home

March 21, 2021
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In many homes, the hallway is the first area that your friends and other guests will see. It is the part of your home that comes after the front door. In many instances, the hallway is just an area where you place and keep your shoes, hang your coat, and display some decorative items. Though often neglected, you can still make the hallway look attractive with some creative means. Here we have some tips on how to make that part of your home look more appealing and inviting. 

Wall decorating ideas

Walls can have functions, both structurally and aesthetically. The structure is originally built as part of the foundation of your house, It is also a fact that many homes leave their walls blank and just added with paint to make them blend with the other part of the house. Blank walls mean that there is a wide range of opportunities to make them look attractive. 

Sometimes, the appearance or design of the wall is the last to be thought of. However, with the addition of wall art, the overall appearance of your home could change instantly. Decorating the walls of the hallway could add life to it. Think of the blank wall as a large canvas to display your art and other wall decorative items. Use the wall to create a wall gallery of posters as posters have a wide range of designs to choose from. 

Since the hallway may have a narrow space, it is not recommended to use dark colors or even wall art with too many details. Keep it simple and straightforward. For instance, you can create a wall gallery of black and white posters to make it look classic and elegant. You may also use the photos of your family to make the hallway look cool and remarkable. 

Nature-themed prints will also give the hallway a refreshing and rejuvenating appeal. The shades of green can make you feel closer to nature and appreciate its beauty. Needless to say, botanical prints can create a calming and relaxing room atmosphere that can emanate throughout your home. 

Simple furniture for a relaxing ambiance

Furniture pieces are not only added in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. The hallway also deserves some upgrade with the use of simple yet appealing furniture pieces. A simple yet unique-looking chair and a side table can do the trick. Place them in the hallway so that they may serve as a waiting area for you and your guests. The table can also be used to display sculptures, vases, and other items. Just do not over-decorate it so that the hallway will not look congested.

Floor accents

Do not forget to add accents on the floor. If you are planning to add a rug, it should be placed at least 6 inches away from the wall. Leave enough space for the door to open and close. As such, the rug should not be places where it can block the door movement. It is also recommended to use wool rugs due to their durability.

The right shades 

As mentioned earlier, it is not recommended to add dark shades of colors. Use light shades or even shades of blue to keep the hallway look bright and inviting. Light-colored walls will also give you a wide range of options to decorate them. Black and white posters will help create a minimalist design style and make the hallway appear airy.

Cushion it your way

Fabrics may also be used as decors. The addition of a bench with floral cushions can welcome the summer with a blast. Cushions with floral prints may perfectly blend with the white-colored walls of your hallway. In addition to these, the floral prints can make the hallway look more vibrant and stimulating. 

Artworks in the hallway

Thinking of making the hallway like an art gallery? This can be achieved by creating wall art that features the artworks of various artists. This wall art can give your guests something to talk about and ponder on. A unique and interesting way to make the hallway look more fantastic and interesting.