Decorate Your Dorm Creatively

January 16, 2024
Colorful Vibe Gallery Wall

With the semester about to start again, students from different areas of the country are looking for their dormitories. Dormitories can be considered as a sanctuary for college students. Stepping into a university is one of the steps to finish before reaching your goals. If you are excited to start the semester, preparing your dorm before classes start is also fun. This article will give you some ideas and inspiration for transforming a dull dorm room into something extraordinary.

Fantastic wall design

Getting into college is one of the dreams of many teenagers. College life is entirely different from high school. This is when youngsters can pick the course they want to prepare for the future. Parents and their children choose the best school to continue their education. 

In addition to the education they will receive, teenagers also get excited about the idea of gaining independence and a little freedom. Students from the provinces or far places tend to rent a dorm room to stay while enrolled in their respective universities. In many cases, a dorm room has two to three occupants. Dormitories usually have a bed frame and mattress, a desk with drawers, a desk chair, a desk lamp, and a dresser or chest drawers. 

If you need more than these, you can bring additional amenities or decorate the room according to your preference. Decorating the room will make it more attractive and presentable. Of course, not all decors are allowed in the room. Ask the caretaker first before starting an interior decorating project. 

The walls are commonly painted with white or neutral colors. These colors may appear simple and plain, but there are various ways to make the walls look vibrant and attractive. The display of appropriate wall decors can set the mood and atmosphere of the whole room. As such, it will be conducive to studying and resting. 

Easy ways to decorate the walls

Here are some simple yet exciting ways to transform the overall appearance of the walls. 


Drilling the walls may only be allowed in some dormitories. Therefore, decorating the walls may be limited to some extent. Decals are easy to install and can be removed immediately after the school year ends. They can likewise make the room look charming, especially with simple-looking walls. 


Adding artwork can add personality to the dorm room. Trendy art is perfect decor and makes the wall look more vibrant. Poster prints can easily be ordered online at a reasonable price. Poster art can likewise help create wall art that will reflect your personality. Arrange the prints in a way that can make an impressive wall gallery. 

Mood Boards 

Cork boards and whiteboards can also be used as decorative items. Use them to display inspiring items and anything that would satisfy your sense of vision. Cutouts from magazines, quotes, photos, and recipes are commonly added on the cork boards and whiteboards. 

Nostalgic items

Display photos and other decorative items that will remind you of your past. Pictures of your family and friends can bring back fun and happy memories.