Decorating Your Home For The Holidays

December 20, 2022
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The Christmas season is a busy time, with colorful decorations displayed in almost all buildings, homes, and streets. It is a busy time of the year, with colorful ornaments in nearly all buildings, homes, and roads. The season is about celebrations where you can reunite with friends and family. 

Color your home with red and green

These days, you can see that Christmas decorations come in various colors. Sometimes the colors used depend on the business, brand, or homeowner. The traditional colors, though, are red and green. Interestingly, these colors have a religious context. Green is associated with the continuity of life, even during the winter season. The color also represents the eternal life of Jesus, while the color red is associated with the blood of Christ. 

Christmas lights to illuminate the night

Christmas is never complete without Christmas lights. The use and display of Christmas lights can be traced back to the Yule. The Norsemen celebrated the midwinter tradition. The lighting of the Yule log is believed to summon the return of the sun and drive away evil spirits. 

Through the years, candles provided light and warmth during winter. Candles were also used to welcome travelers. A practice that symbolizes the welcoming of Mary and Joseph. 

Unique plants and flowers for Christmas

It is a known fact that a few plants grow and propagate during the winter season. Examples are mistletoe, evergreen, and holly. As a result, they are used as decorations for the holidays. Evergreen represents life, just like the color green. From the Victorian era to this day, the mistletoe is used to steal a kiss during the season. The tradition is that the plant can be hung anywhere, and anybody who stands under it can kiss anybody with them. 

Another attractive Christmas decoration is poinsettias. These are, in fact, poisonous plants that are lovely to look at because of their colorful hues. In Mexico and Central America, where the plant is indigenous, the people call the plant “Flor De Noche Buena” or “Christmas Eve Flower.” Poinsettia also had an exciting story in the 16th century. It is believed that a young girl forgot to buy a Christmas gift. She then gathered a bouquet of weeds that sprouted red flowers, grew alongside the road, and offered them to the infant Jesus. The story’s popularity grew, and it was adopted by the Franciscan friars and eventually the whole world. 

Christmas trees, the favorite of all times

Christmas trees are the most iconic decor of all time. Many experts believe that the tree symbolizes the “Christianization” of pagan traditions. The modern-day Christmas tree can be traced back to the 16th to 18th century in Germany. The practice of cutting down trees and displaying them indoors was brought to England by Queen Charlotte/ The popularity even grew and was adopted by the Americans.