Design In The Time Of Pandemic

September 13, 2021
Art wall 148

The world is in reset. For almost two years now, we have been plagued with one of the diseases in the history of mankind. COVID 19 has changed our lives, especially how we go about our daily routines. Malls, parks, and restaurants were forced to close and families need to stay home to avoid the spread of the disease. 

Our homes today

Right now, home is not just a place to rest. Since the outbreak in 2020, certain parts of our homes have been transformed into study areas or home offices. With the different activities happening in our homes, we need to adapt to these new changes. Our homes also need to adjust to new functionalities. 

With so many uncertainties, the changes we have in our homes need to be sustainable as well. When will the crisis stop? No one knows. It is just timely to decorate our homes that will be both functional and appealing. 

Spacious home office

Home offices can be set up in various parts of the house. Living rooms, guest rooms, basements, and others have become instant makeshifts for offices. Larger home offices are advantageous since you have more room to move around. Moreover, you will have more space to place some of your office equipment. 

Private spaces

Most family members who are on lockdown need to have private spaces where each person can enjoy some alone time. Private spaces can also give you time to reflect on the events that had happened and plan for what lies ahead. This can be in your bedroom, a small prayer room, or a quiet reading nook. Who knows, private spaces will let you finish the book that you have started reading a few years back. 

Mudrooms and entryways

As a precaution, do not just enter your home if you just went outside. You could be carrying the coronavirus and other disease-causing microbes. Entryways and mudrooms became the favorite spot to remove face masks and set down items that you got from the grocery. The objective is not to let any pathogen enter your home. So as to protect your loved ones. 

The walls and room atmosphere

Needless to say, the addition of wall decorations adds to the beauty of your homes. For instance, the display of posters instantly creates a theme and mood that will help you get through the pandemic. Many people experience anxiety and the help of wonderfully designed wall art can help ease the tension that many people are feeling. 

The display of posters and other wall decorations can likewise personalize your rooms, making them more feel and look like you. You can create your own design to represent who and what you are. Wall art can also be the highlight of your room making the atmosphere more conducive to learning and working. 

Adding a theme to the kids’ rooms can also allow them to have fun even if they are staying in the house. For example, you can create a nautical theme that will make them feel that they are playing as pirates or mermaids. You can even add animal and other nature-themed prints for a safari-themed bedroom. Whatever the theme may be, the important thing is that kids have the opportunity to forget the inconveniences of the pandemic.