Dine Fine, Fine Dine

April 6, 2022
Food is good but wine is better Poster in interior

What are the things that you like to see and experience in a restaurant? Whether you are planning to eat in or to go, the overall appearance and ambiance of an eatery are vital to customers. We all know that customers have different demands when it comes to service and products. They do not just go to a restaurant in search of sumptuous food, but the experience. At first, many of us do not understand this. For instance, you go to a popular coffee shop and buy a beverage that is twice the price as compared with other shops. You are not actually spending for the product alone. You are also paying for the experience, in this case, the ambiance that the interior evokes. If you are a restaurant owner or planning to start one, then here are some interesting ideas that you can use. 

Add wow effect with space divisions

The distribution of space in a restaurant is vital to how the customer feels. Full walls may congest the space and disrupt the flow of air and traffic. Half walls are recommended to separate the rooms with specific functions. For instance, the reception from the main dining area. This idea will boost the intimate ambiance of the establishment.

Mix and match floor and wall tiling

Try to combine materials to add style to your home. Mix and match materials to highlight a specific corner or to make the bar stand out. 

Create a focal point

A focal point is defined as an area or spot in your space that can draw the attention or eyes of the audience. Creating a focal point is quite simple and there are no strict rules on how to set up a fantastic focal point. For instance, creating a bar, complete with bar stools and counter will make a difference to the overall appearance of your restaurant. Decorating a particular wall with murals, decals, or framed posters will likewise be great. If you are planning to display posters, it is recommended to use a large-sized print or create a wall gallery that will add life to your establishment.

Add colors to your restaurant

When decorating a restaurant, it is vital to choose a style and decorative elements that would be loved by your customers. These elements will also set the room’s atmosphere. From these, you can define the color palette. In color psychology, you will see that every color has its respective effects on the overall vibe of the restaurant. Red can stimulate the appetite, orange can create a friendly atmosphere, and light and neutral colors can broaden the space and reduce decor overload. Earth colors boost the feelings of warmth and add a welcoming atmosphere.

Make the kitchen look cool 

Over the years, the kitchen served as the background of restaurants. By revamping the design, the kitchen can now take the center stage of your restaurant. In fact, there are many restaurants that integrated the dining area into the kitchen. As a result, customers can see how their foods are prepared. 

Don’t forget the bathroom

Complete the experience of your customers with a well-designed bathroom. In addition to this, the bathroom can reinforce your brand image.