Easy Ways To Decorate The Kitchen Walls

August 9, 2023
Cup and Chair Poster in black frame

Considering that the kitchen is the heart of the house, decorating the walls is important. The kitchen sees a lot of action every day and we need to see a beautiful view to entice us in whatever business we have in the room. We all know that the kitchen needs to be practical, but that does not mean it can’t be stylish. Here are some practical and stylish tips on how to transform the appearance of your kitchen walls. 

What to decorate?

If you are planning to push through with this project, there are a lot of decor items that you can use to level up the walls. For instance, use wallpaper on the end wall in a lively print to give the room a focal point. Creating a focal point helps to draw the eye in and create a visual resting point, making the kitchen feel bigger. You can use different colors for the wallpaper, but many experts prefer to use the color green to give a comfortable feeling. 

Put up some floating shelves to create a stylish display

Add a couple of narrow floating shelves o your walls to give the room useful storage and display space. Choose wooden shelves to complement the color of the kitchen cabinetry and paint the wall behind in a calm and neutral shade for a muted backdrop. Just be sure not to overload the shelves. 

Use two colors

Paint the bottom portion of the wall with a dark shade to create an impact and a bold backdrop that will make your furniture and appliances pop. Paint the upper part of the wall with a lighter shade. Moreover, the two colors will also add a horizontal line to your wall, creating a feeling of a larger space. 

Bring the color of summer to the kitchen

Yellow is the color of happiness, optimism, and happiness. Match the color of the wall and the backsplash for a kitchen that is bright like the sunshine. If the kitchen is small, you may choose to extend the color of the paint from the worktop to the ceiling to give the room a feeling of height. Moreover, the color of the paint will complement the wooden floating shelves. 

Mix and match the backsplash design

Adding a hint of pattern can elevate a plain-colored kitchen wall. All you need is a single row of patterned tiles to create a narrow backsplash instead of the full version. Keep the cost down by using mismatched tiles. Get geometric designs in different patterns and colors, but be sure that the sizes are the same.

Add trendy prints

In an open-space plan, there might be some problems when you decorate it with a cohesive scheme. Your home needs to be multifunctional and spacious, with clearly defined zones. Usually, the dining room is adjacent to the kitchen and it is recommended to add a bold piece of poster to the walls beside the table. This will easily add color and texture to the entire interior design. Add another poster theme in the kitchen to clearly define the area apart from the dining room. At artdesign.ph, there are various designs to choose from, such as abstract, black and white, graphic, nature, and photography.