Family Posters For A Captivating Home

January 19, 2023
Family Photo no. 3

In the digital age, many individuals own smartphones and digital cameras. We take pictures of almost anything we see and experience. It is sometimes funny to know that there are times that even before eating, you take a photo of the food that you are about to devour and have it posted on social media. Family pictures are the ones we never learn to let go of. We cherish every moment with our family. Even the most specific activity or event is precious to us. This we do because sooner or later, we might be leaving due to work, studies, or even having our own family. 

Before leaving our family, why not create an out-of-the-box idea to create fun and exciting family posters that would be memorable for all the family members? After having the shots you like, you may display them in family prints.

How to create fun family posters

Here are some tips on how to have fantastic family posters that you will love: 

Use a tripod 

The tripod can have many advantages, especially if you are new to a photo shooting. There are times that when you shoot, you tend to focus on your handheld camera, which may be inconvenient to you at some point. The tendency of which is the lack of interaction with the subject. Sometimes we need to interact with them while doing the shoot. You want the subjects to feel comfortable with what they are doing. You can also simultaneously adjust your camera when needed in a relaxed manner.

Use manual exposure mode

You can use this setting if you are well acquainted with the environment. If you think that you are in control of all the elements in the surroundings that would affect the quality of the picture, then you can use this setting in your camera. A family portrait would be best if you have the right consistency. 

Staggered subjects

The most common style of taking photos is straight. Sometimes this can be boring. Arrange your subjects in diagonal lines, which may look more dynamic than the former. Position your subjects so that their heads would not appear directly on or beside each other. Use stools to set some of them while the others are standing up. In this way, the height of the subjects is staggered.

Lock on the focus

This is when you are using the tripod, assuming that the subjects will not be moving and you will be the only one moving (to get closer or farther from the subjects). You need to use the focus lock function of the camera. This way, the focus will not change for the different shots you will take for the family portrait.

Let the subjects act naturally

Kids would always look like they were playing. Let your subjects pose naturally. If they want props, let them do it. In those ways, the photos would look more natural. Let them have fun and be comfortable.

Bending the subjects

People tend to be stiff when their pictures are taken, which makes them look like statues. We do not want that to look at family portraits. We like them to look natural as possible, so ask some of them to bend so they would not look stiff or rigid.

Freedom of expression

As the photographer, you must communicate with your subjects to have the right and natural expressions on their faces. So sometimes you must be a comedian or a clown to make them smile naturally. 

Get some light in their eyes

Make sure that you let light into your subjects’ eyes. This can be done in various ways, like choosing the right time of the day and using a reflector and camera flash.

Pose them

Fix the stance of your subjects to hide some details in their body. For instance, pose people who are horizontally challenged sideways so that they may be able to hide some of their belly fat. They may also be posed in a prone position on the grass and kids piling on top of them with faces close to each other. This would hide tummies and double chins while kids are more relative to each other.

Have fun!

Traditional photos for a family portrait that the subjects look serious. The trend nowadays is to have subjects in wacky shots. Ask them to do anything, such as jumping, making funny faces, or anything just to break the ice.

Having your family portrait on posters

One innovative way to display your family portrait is through family posters. You can show your family portraits like a wall gallery. In that way, displaying family portraits is not just for relinquishing memories but also for designing your interior.