Feature your Pets with Personalized PAWtrait

September 1, 2022
Galaxy Maltese Poster in interior

If you are a pet lover, you may have at least a photo of your pet on your mobile device. Photos of your fur babies are great memories to look at whenever you are free. These photos are also fun to share on your social media, with friends, and family. If these are the only things you can think of, then we have another creative for you that may interest you. Personalized PAWtraits are lovely prints that you can have that feature your favorite pet. Here are some ideas on making a creative portrait for your pets that will make your walls look captivating. 

Take photos of pet moments and create a collage

One photo is not enough. You can always include numerous pet photos in a single print. Collages are perfect to capture every activity of your fur baby. You may document the times when they are sleeping, playing, or while taking their meals. The trendy prints can be created with a specific theme as well. Examples are sports, daily activities, funny moments, and others. The idea is to have a clearer picture of your pet’s life.

Your pets as a professional model

There are many times when you take a photo of your pet and see them in a fabulous pose. You can check various magazines for inspiration. Try to capture them that resemble humans. Probably when they are lying on the floor or on your lap, sleeping on their beds, or moments when they are staring at blank spaces. The lighting is also important as this will highlight your pet in the poster or print that you will be creating. Add some props like their favorite toys, curtains, or any cushion. These can be enhanced by the company printing your poster for a more eye-catching appeal. Have it framed to complete the PAWtrait.

Find things that will make them cozy

When pets are in slumber, they are usually seen in their favorite spots. These may be on their cushions, on your bed, in your luggage, under the table, or in any box where they could fit. Many cats love to snuggle in small boxes and they look so adorable in them. Take this opportunity to photograph them and have them on awesome posters. This PAWtrait can also tell a story about them while doing their favorite pastime. 

Posters from your pet’s perspective

We always see prints of pests from our point of view. Why not create a selfie poster that features the view that they see? This may be a bit challenging but the effect can truly be exceptional. You can take the photo at different angles and creatively highlight the world that your pet sees. 

Twinning with your fur baby captured in posters

Another creative idea is to dress and look like a twin with them. Both of you can have the same attire, wear a pair of eyeglasses, and have the same accessories, and clothes. The objective is to look the same with the props that you have. The posters with these images are simply lovely and cute that will serve as conversation starters when you have guests in your home.