Feel Like A Pro And Design Your Home With Style

February 19, 2021
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Many homeowners believe that home makeover projects are expensive. At some point, this could be true, yet there are different ways to be successful without emptying your bank account. It is also a fact that many home makeover projects are accomplished by professionals.

If you are tight on the budget, you can still finish your goals without spending too much. With your imagination, creativity, and the help of various references, you can do home makeover projects like a pro and make them look trendy and stylish. Here are some tips on creating a compelling interior like a professional interior decorator.

Start with the ceiling

The ceiling is usually the least to be given focus when it comes to interior decorating. Ceilings are important when it comes to structure and function. Not only that, but the ceiling can also be attractive when properly designed. The structure can also give an impression of the size of the room. For example, the color or the beams can set the mood or atmosphere of the interior. Giving the impression of a high ceiling can also create a visual impact. This can be achieved by hanging a curtain from the ceiling up to the bottom of the wall. 

Think about the lighting

The right amount of light in the room can give you the right mood to do your tasks. It can also make you feel comfortable and relaxed with the right lights installed. The development of LED lights has been a breakthrough since they consume lower wattage but with the same lumens as ordinary bulbs. For instance, LED = 3.5 Watts = 240 lumens; regular bulb = 25 Watts = 240 lumens. 

Imagine the amount of money you could save every month if you changed all of your lights to LED ones. LED lights also come in various attractive designs appropriate to your rooms. You need to invest a little for impressive savings.

Choosing the right colors

Paints come in different colors and shades. The right color scheme added to the rooms can have significant effects on mood and behavior. It is recommended that the colors have continuity throughout the house. Two colors may be used primarily, and other colors may be used to style the interior. 

Colors have significant effects on the mind and body. Therefore, choosing the right colors can contribute to a person’s total well-being. Choose colors that will create a positive and vibrant room environment

Seating area in the bedroom

Want to create a visually larger bedroom? Adding a seating area can give the impression of having a bigger space. This area may also be functional for reading and other activities that you need to do in the bedroom. Do not forget to add the right reading light so you can enjoy your reading sessions. 

The coffee table

Coffee tables can be a great decorative item, especially when added with interesting pieces. Add a large ornamental plant to a pot or bowl. You can also display magazines, books, and candles.