Fun and Exciting Appearance of Modern Retro Design

July 29, 2021
Neon hello good times poster

Modern Retro is one of the classic styles that is again gaining popularity these days. Every decade has its own trend when it comes to fashion and design. There are also significant changes to the culture and practices. For instance, during the 70s, different events occurred such as women’s liberation, atomic awareness, environmental awareness, and music. Loud colors were also popular during the 70s as can be seen in clothing and interior decorations. 

Modern Retro design style is a combination of the trends in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. A design style that offers a nostalgic atmosphere. One of the cool design styles that features a fun and exciting room appearance that is adored by people of all ages. In addition to these, the design style also highlights having a light feeling.

Features of Modern Retro Design Style

With the combination of the style from the past and the minimal appearance of the present, modern retro design style is gaining popularity. Many are impressed with the effects and beauty that the style gives any home. Here are some ideas that you can add to your home to achieve the design style: rich color palette with warm hues like red and yellow; neon colors and lights; flat elements from shapes to lines and icons; squiggles and line art with vibrant colors; music-themed items like cassette tapes and turntables. 

What’s good about the design style

Modern retro design is a fun and interesting style. With shapes and bright colors, you can create a nostalgic atmosphere that will captivate the attention of your family and friends. This style can be considered to be the link between the past and present as it features styles and appearances of the different decades. 

Though modern design style has its ups, there are still those who are not into the retro style it encompasses. Just like in any style, modern retro is not for all. It has unique features that appear unorganized as seen in the colors and shapes. 

The digital influences

The decades from the 70s to the 90s may be considered to be the digital era. A period of the boom of computers, computing, gaming, and computer graphics. These are seen in movies, television shows, and computer games. 

These styles evoke a nostalgic effect on the interior. Though the graphics are not that good, they have maintained that way to keep the authenticity of the period. These features are then used to create designs that will bring back the good old times. 

This style reflects the designers who grew up loving retro graphic appearances. As such, many individuals feel comfortable seeing them as compared with the more advanced digital graphics that we know these days. Though the design may be simple and laid back, it adds style and can personalize the rooms of your home. 

Final thoughts

Modern Retro is a fascinating design style that encompasses a lot of styles. This could truly create a nostalgic atmosphere. Combined with modern features, your home will have a unique and spectacular view that will be loved by anyone.