Fun Christmas Facts That You Will Surely Love

December 16, 2021
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Christmas is a special day that kids look forward to every year. Of course, they know that they will be receiving gifts from Santa Claus. Kids during these days are enjoying their vacation and probably spending much time playing. Spend some time with them and tell them some interesting facts about Christmas that will help them learn more about the season. Read on to know more about some Christmas facts and share these with your kids. 

Christmas is all about the birth of Christ

No one knows exactly when Jesus Christ was born. In fact, there are no historical records that specify the date when the Saviour was born in the manger. In the 4th century, the Church decided to institute the birth of Jesus Christ as a Christian holiday. However, the dilemma was the date on which many would agree. Some experts believe that Jesus may have been born in the spring. December 25 was chosen by Pope Julius I to adopt the pagan tradition of the Saturnalia festival. This festival was celebrated in honor of the god of agriculture, Saturn. The chosen date for Christmas eventually spread to Egypt by the end of the 6th century, England has accepted the tradition. 

Who first used Christmas trees

Did you know that the use of Christmas trees can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians and Romans? Evergreen trees like fir or pine trees were used. Modern Christmas trees started in Germany in the 16th century and have spread to Great Britain and the United States. As compared to what we know today, the early Christmas trees were decorated with fruits and nuts. 

Xmas means Christmas

The term Xmas was originally used in the 16th century. The X in the word comes from the ancient Greek language that means Christ. Therefore Xmas simply means Christmas. 

In Dutch Santa Claus is called Sinterklaas

Receiving gifts from Santa Claus is one of the most awaited events during the holidays. But do you know who the real Santa Claus is? The character is based on St. Nicholas, a Christian bishop who provided for the needy. He also loved children and secretly gave them gifts. In Dutch, Santa Claus was called Sinterklaas. 

Santa is not always in red robes

Originally, Santa wore clothes in green, purple, or blue. However, a soft drink company decided to dress him up in red to match the color of their brand. Since then, the image of Santa in red robes stuck with us and remained to be the popular image of Santa. 

Christmas wreath symbolizes love and eternal life

Did you know that the Christmas wreath that we know today represents the crown of thorns that Jesus wore before his crucifixion? Through the years, the colors red, green, and gold were incorporated. Red is the blood of Christ, green is the color that symbolizes life, and gold represents royalty and light. The evergreen was used to represent the continuity of life even during wintertime. 

Carolling is based on wassailing

Have you ever tried going door to door to sing Christmas carols? This tradition is based on the custom of the English of wassailing. Wassailing is to toast to someone’s good health and fortune. The tradition was adopted by St. Francis of Assisi and converted to the caroling that we know today. 

Santa also receives gifts

We all know that Santa is the one who secretly brings gifts. But did you know that he gets gifts too? Yes, you can give your gifts too. He is ore fond of cookies and milk and these satisfy him whenever he goes around the world distributing presents.