Give Your Home A Touch Of The 80s

January 13, 2022
Memphis art turquoise checkered poster in interior

There are so many things that can be said about the 80s. This decade of new wave likewise gave birth to amazing decor trends. Although the 80s design style has retro elements, it is still employed in many homes and establishments. From brightly colored furniture pieces to geometric patterns on your walls. These decor elements will surely complete your day and make you feel like you are back in time again.

Use lucite in your rooms

Lucite is a clear, thick plastic that works great in rooms where you want to avoid adding too many textures and clutter. This is a decor trend that started in the 80s and never went away. 

Pops of neon for a funky appeal

The 1980s is never complete without the images of neon lights and bright colors. The incorporation of neon lights in prints can simply add a retro design to your room. Display neon-themed posters to add accent to your walls. Whether in the bedroom or living room, neon prints will surely be a trendy 80s design that you will adore. 

Go for brass

Brass is another material that was popular during the said decade. It is bold and loud and when used in furniture the material can give a fun and whimsical feel. 

Consider Memphis style

Memphis design was a movement that started in Milan, Italy in 1981. It is characterized by all things colorful, abstract, and loud. Achieve the design style in your rooms with abstract art, abstract-inspired throws, and bold colors throughout the textiles. 

Pastels for a fun-looking interior

The great thing about the 80s is that the design trends were contrasting. Pastel is a great alternative if you are not into neon and bold colors. Pastel colors make a lovely interior. Consider using pastels in the children’s room for a cool and interesting ambiance. 

Palm everywhere

Tropical prints were loved in the 80s, as well as tropical plants. Add a retro style in your rooms with tropical prints, especially with palm trees or leaves. As such, you will be adding a summer vibe to your home. 

Rounded accessories

Want to add a touch of 80s in your rooms? Add rounded decorative items such as vases, mugs, and candle holders. Match them with pastel colors and bring the retro feel to your home.