Got Empty Walls in your Home? Try These Interesting Ideas

July 17, 2023
Couch Lady Poster in interior

Whatever your decorating style, we are inspired to add personality to your walls. You can make your house feel like home with a few trendy and stylish wall decorations. We have solutions that will complete your room decorating project. Read on to learn how to fill up an empty wall.

Create a beautiful wall gallery

It can be challenging when looking for posters or prints that will fill a blank wall. Instead of adding two large pieces, create a wall gallery. In creating one, you must ensure the pieces have something in common. Examples are wooden frames, neutral tones, black and white, or vibrant prints. This idea can help avoid mismatched and cluttered wall appearance. 

The rule of threes

In interior design, this rule suggests that groups of threes or odd numbers are more appealing than even numbers. This rule can be applied in the living room by adding three bundled framed posters. 

Trendy hanging shelves

There are many reasons why hanging shelves are preferred over traditional cabinetry. These shelves are sleek and can save up space that you can use for other things. The shelves can display your favorite collections, posters, toys, books, and other decorative items. 

Try mirrors and lighting

With the display of multiple mirrors, you can create an effect not given by other decorative items. Mirrors can provide the illusion of having a larger room and can reflect natural light inside the room. When placed across from a window, you can increase the light in the room, making it look and feel more beautiful. 


Wallpapers are not only used to cover the imperfection of the walls. These days, this wall covering can add style and personality just like any wall decor. The peel-and-stick application is perfect since the wallpaper can be removed without damaging the paint and the wall. 

Give a touch of nature

Bringing nature into your room is one of the most straightforward yet significant impacts. There is a wide range of decors to add, such as driftwood, dried branches, and the like. You can also add ornamental plants indoors, as these will add beauty. Indoor plants can also help purify the air and minimize indoor air pollutants. A vertical garden is also a great way to give your home a touch of the outdoors. The natural color of the plants can also help keep the mind calm and relax the body. Nature-themed framed posters also give the aesthetics that you need. Add a few pieces to the wall of your bedroom or the living room, and the effects are impressive. 

Display a world map poster

If you’re still deciding what print to add, then for a map. Large-sized world maps can make excellent wall art. This timeless poster design can give your room a rustic, classic, or minimalist vibe. 

Textured paint on your accent wall

Colored accent walls were a trend in the past. It is still in these days but with some improvements. Textured paint makes it look more contemporary, which can be done using a sponge to add dimension. You may also use your brush which is dipped in two complementing colors.