Green Design – Beauty and Function

July 1, 2022
Limestone and Crystal Seas poster in interior

Green design is a revolution when it comes to art and design. It is a method and approach to creating and designing with minimal effects on health and the environment. With what is happening to our surroundings these days. It is the responsibility of the designers to look for ways of protecting the environment with the use of eco-friendly materials and methods. 

The advantage of using a green design

It is obvious these days that the environment is suffering a lot due to different human activities. Humans have created products and have done a lot of activities that can be harmful to health and the environment. These activities have led to the accumulation of unwanted materials, especially pollutants. 

If these abuses of the environment continue, the planet would be inhabitable. As part of the ecosystem, humans need to think of sustainable ways to preserve the environment. As such, environmental-friendly materials and methodologies have been made to create a more sustainable environment for generations to come. 

Designing for the future is one of the goals of green design. It is of utmost importance for the design that space may have multiple functions and can still be used in the future. Also part of the design is to consider how space can be converted without replacing the existing materials as well as minimizing the impact on the environment.

What is a green design?

With proper planning and creativity, green design can be achieved successfully. The design has been the trend for some time now around the globe as many designers and homeowners saw its benefits. Below are some of the important traits of a building that employs green design:

  • Efficient use of energy, water, and other resources
  • Minimal waste production
  • Health protection of the occupants of the space

Just like any other design, green design has its benefits that must be considered:

  • Protection of health and environment
  • Improve the quality of air and water
  • Less waste production and emission
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Cost-efficient
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Increase productivity of the occupants

Decorating with greens

Giving a touch of nature to your home is one of the ways to bring the environment to your room. The addition of elements of nature has been known to give numerous benefits. One great example is the Japanese-styled interior. Adding elements of nature like water, earth, and plants evoke beauty as well as a calm and relaxing room atmosphere. 

Adding greens to your home is not that difficult. There are different kinds of plants that you can add as well as decorative elements to achieve a compelling design. The display of art is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a room that is comfortable and cozy. 

Posters are cost-efficient and evoke a mood that can also be observed from other elements of nature. In addition to these, nature-themed posters can serve as an inspiration and probably a reminder for all of us to be proper stewards of the environment.