How To Add Neon To Your Home

January 11, 2022
Neon hello sign with marble background poster in interior

Neon colors have been popular in the 70s and 80s. The colors may rarely be used these days, yet they have a lot of potentials when it comes to creating beautiful spaces. In fact, there are many ways you can use neon to complete the appearance of any room. However, unlike the regular colors, you need to be careful so as not to overdo it. Remember that anything in excess is bad. Too many neon colors in the room may be an eyesore

Neon colors to complement plain walls

Bare white or gray walls are boring. Decorating them with neon serves as an accent without being too loud for the eyes. Display neon posters or paint a small corner with neon-colored paint. The doors may also be colored with neon to serve as a room focal point. 

Spruce up the room

In contrast with what many people think but neon colors can blend well with both light and dark-colored interiors. For example, rooms in hues of gray, black, brown can be decorated with bright neon to add a little drama.

Neon furniture pieces

Blank white walls can be treated like a blank canvas to create your art. As such, you can add furniture pieces in light pastel colors. You may also add other decorative items in neon colors, like vases, throws, and lampstands. However, too much neon-colored furniture can be painful to the eyes. Three pieces of neon furniture pieces will do. 

Neon-colored wall

Choose a wall in your room and paint it neon. This may be challenging but the effects will be monumental. This will give any room a fun and adventurous vibe. Just be reminded not to color your bedroom with neon colors. You can do this in the living room or dining room walls. Finish the room appearance with black and white furniture items, and voila!

Final thoughts

Seems like adding neon colors to your home may be challenging. Yes, it may be but beautifying your home with neon colors will have a unique and interesting effect that cannot be seen in other decors. Remember that the appearance of your home is a reflection of who and what you are. Therefore the decors and colors should be carefully chosen to create an eye-catching home interior.