How To Decorate Your Home With Abstract Art

July 18, 2023
Under the Gold Moon abstract shape No 1 poster in interior

Abstract art can express emotions that blend with the background or take charge of the entire room’s appearance. You can incorporate abstract posters or prints into your decor. Learn more about abstract art and how to incorporate it into your home. 

A colorful focal point

Abstract prints are perfect when you want to add colors to your room. Abstract art does not tend to dominate the enclosure but can be its highlight. Whether the design is geometric, fluid, lines, or shapes, they can add depth to the space. Colorful abstract art pop against white walls and can give the room a cheerful vibe. 

Black and white abstract art

When you want to create a statement in your room without adding more colors, black-and-white abstract prints are the perfect choice. Think about the energy that black-and-white prints will give your room. For instance, a monolithic form can feel solid, a wild splatter can give the room an upbeat look, and line art can be romantic and mysterious. 

Display two abstract posters

If you want to make your walls look more spectacular, display two abstract prints. Whether they are displayed side by side, stacked vertically, or flanking the doorway or a piece of furniture, the two prints will give the wall a balanced appearance. Just be sure that the pieces are of the same size and frame to make them look more cohesive, even if the designs differ. 

Give your walls a gallery treatment

Abstract posters blend well with themes such as nature-themed prints and typography. Limit the color palette to make them cohesive. Frames should be similar in color and material but mix different sizes. A wall gallery can be placed anywhere. 

Contrast modern with traditional

Nothing beats the beauty of abstract art when paired with contrasting decor. For instance, blend abstract art with classic wooden furniture, silverware, crystal-adorned lighting, and porcelain accessories. These pieces complement each other, giving your room a traditional and contemporary look. 

Try an unexpected location

There are common locations to hang your abstract posters, such as above the couch, adjacent to the bed, in the hallway and others. Why not be creative with your placement? Display your pieces in the bathroom, kitchen, or study nook. 

Choose a designated wall

To prevent a room from looking too rowdy, designate a wall in your room for your abstract prints. As such, the space will not be too distracting to the eye, with too many places to look.