How To Display Your Posters

February 18, 2021
black poster frame from artdesign

Posters come in different designs and sizes. Displaying trendy and stylish posters is one of the fastest ways to make the wall appear fun and exciting. When this work of art is displayed properly, it can help you create a memorable focal point that will be adored by anyone who sees it. Here are some ideas on displaying posters and creating a compelling wall decoration you will never forget. 

Brief introduction of posters

The popularity of posters started in the late 1700s. Since then, many companies and groups have changed their ways of promoting their products, services, and events. Jules Cheret has changed the concept of posters, which many have adopted. From an advertising medium, posters were then used as an art form. Artistically designed posters need not be hidden in the storage. They must be displayed to decorate any plain and simple-looking walls. 

Simple tips to display your trendy poster art

Posters can be displayed in different ways. For instance, large posters that feature landscapes, city skylines, architectural designs, and scenic landscapes can be displayed in the living room or the foyer. These can be displayed by lightly marking the corners with a pencil and covering the back of the poster with a decoupage. Any bubbles can easily be removed with cloth.

Many homeowners display posters using tacks, double-sided tape, or poster gum. While these methods may attract the public, it is also recommended that posters be mounted before being displayed on the walls to make them look more appealing and presentable. 

Here are simple steps to follow to mount your posters:

Tools needed:

Acid-free foam core, a few inches larger than the poster

Spray adhesive


Thin strips of wooden molding

Hand saw

Utility knife


Eye screws and picture hanging wire

Easy steps to follow:

  1. Spread old newspapers on the floor or any flat surface and lay out the foam core and poster. Spray the foam core with adhesive and firmly press the poster on the foam core. 
  2. Remove the excess foam core using a straightedge and utility knife. 
  3. Attach a cradle that will stabilize the mounted poster in either direction. You can use thin wooden trim or moldings to do this.
  4. Allow the mounted poster to dry, and create pilot holes in the molding behind the poster using tacks or nails. These holes will be where the screws will be attached. 
  5. Attach a loop of wire before hanging the mounted poster.

There are also available DIY kits that will help you mount your posters. These kits are complete with frames, acrylic glass, screws, and other materials needed for mounting. 

Displaying the poster

There are no strict rules regarding where posters need to be displayed. You can generally display them on any wall where decorations are needed. If you are new to the room or space, there are many areas where you can hang your poster art. 

Mounted posters are not only functional. They can also create attractive wall art and help you set the right atmosphere for your home.