How To Save Space In The Living Room

July 8, 2021
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The living room is one of the busiest rooms in the house. A social room where family members can relax and bond as well as receive guests. The room is usually filled with furnishings used for entertainment and relaxation. Read on to know different tips on how to save space in the living room. 

Space-saving solutions for the living room

It is a fact that there are homes wherein the rooms may not be quite spacious enough. Many homeowners think that decorating small spaces would be impossible. This is not true at all as there are countless ideas and inspirations that can be seen from various interior design references. Making the living room look great even with the limited space is definitely possible with amazing space-saving decorating ideas. 

Mirrors in the living room

Small spaces can look visually larger with the use of mirrors. One way to use a mirror is by installing a full-length mirror between two windows. This will trick the eye into having another window and will likewise help in maximizing the natural light. Maximizing light in the living room is one of the key elements in having a comfortable and cozy room. A mirror behind a light source such as a candle or lamp will create an amazing effect. In addition to these, the incorporation of large mirrors can likewise create a focal point in the space.

Put pieces in their proper places

One of the biggest problems in the room are exposed wires and cables. Confine cords, cables, and other electronics to a console cabinet that complements the aesthetic of your room and cuts down on clutter. 

Amazing magazine storage in the living room

 It is common to see a collection of magazines in the living room. However, if you have too many of them, it will cause the accumulation of clutter, which eventually becomes an eyesore. A small living room is not a place for a tower of magazines. Curate your collection with the use of a chest which can also be a great organizer.

Use curtains to hide clutter

If a closet does not fit in the room, place your collections on shelves, then section off the nook with a length of fabulous fabric.

Built-in storage in the living room

Storage is very important in every home. It is where you can place your stuff to avoid the accumulation of clutter. You can increase the storage in the room with the use of commercial or custom built-ins. Shelves that are installed from floor to ceiling can be a good storage for small living rooms without overwhelming the space.

Make a multipurpose Ottoman

Ottoman can serve double duty as a source of much-needed storage in the small living room. Place your clutter in cubbies underneath and customize the cushion with fabric that suits the color palette of the room.

Pick smaller seating in the living room

Many small living rooms cannot accommodate overstuffed sofas. Instead, select a smaller seat such as a settee, a loveseat, or a slightly scaled-down sofa that saves space and still offers a place to park.

Use neutral colors

Many homeowners feel that neutral colors are boring. On the contrary, neutral colors can expand the room by having the illusion of pushing back the walls. The colors also tend to illuminate the room and can create a calming effect to the room.