Indoor Vertical Garden – Beauty and Function

June 22, 2021
Garden brutallist photography poster

Vertical garden is a wall in a structure that is either partially or completely covered with plants. The vertical garden also includes growing medium like soil as well as a water system. The garden can be indoor, outdoor, freestanding or attached to the wall. Vertical gardens are commonly seen in urban areas where planting areas are limited due to space availability.  

The Pros of Indoor Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are sometimes called living walls and there are many reasons why. The garden offers many benefits for both the humans and interior design. The addition of vertical gardens is a wonderful way to maximize any unused space. This can be utilized to plant herbs and vegetables. The presence of plants helps remove or filter common indoor pollutants. This can help owners in preventing any harmful diseases. 

The garden also insulates homes as it protects the homeowners from cold climate. As such, there is a reduction in energy consumption. Experts also believe that indoor vertical gardens can provide calming and tranquil effects to the body. As a home decor, indoor vertical garden is probably one of the most attractive and cost-effective home decorations. 

Cons of Indoor Vertical Garden

Just like any other product, indoor vertical gardens also have its disadvantages. The soil dries quickly, therefore a steady supply of water is needed. The growing space for the plants may be limited as there is not enough space for the plants to grow. As such, not all plants can be used in vertical gardens. 

Indoor vertical gardens may also require lots of maintenance because of the dirt that is coming from the containers. In addition to these, water may also leak that may damage the structure supporting the garden. The disadvantages may therefore be presented with careful planning. Along with proper designing, problems may be minimized in the future. 

Creating an indoor vertical garden

Indoor vertical gardens are the latest trend in home design. Sometimes called green or living wall since the wall is covered with crawling and climbing plants. There are also homeowners who use a modular system that allows plants to grow inside. 

The green wall or vertical garden was first created by Patrick Blanc, a French Botanist. His first project was at the Museum of Science and Industry in 1988. The beauty of the vertical garden was regarded as living paintings or vegetal walls. His projects may seem expensive, but many offices and other establishments due to its elegance and being environmentally-friendly.

Vertical gardens can be installed in any space even if it is small and use modular pocket planters. With a little creativity, you will be able to create a wall decor that will be adored by anyone. To save money, use empty PET bottles as pots and hang them on the walls. You may also use an old pallet as a planter. This will give you enough space for planting herbs and spices. 

Vertical gardens are innovative wall decor. If you want to include nature in your home, a vertical garden is a perfect choice. Not only that the garden provide beauty to the whole room. It also offers health benefits that can be enjoyed even by young ones.