Interesting Ways to Decorate Large Blank Walls

September 20, 2022
Abstract Color Patch Poster in Interior

Blank walls are sometimes hard to deal with. Whether they are large or small, decorating them may be challenging for many homeowners. Although there are many styles and decorative items to add, finding the perfect ways to level up these empty spaces may need planning and proper execution. Here are some ideas that you can use to spruce up your blank walls. 

Use floating shelves

Floating shelves are the trend these days. These can be functional and promote aesthetics. The shelves can instantly liven up any room in stylish ways. Adding decorative items to the floating shelves can create a focal point that is hard to ignore. Use these shelves to decorate some of your favorite decorative items, like your personal collections, trendy posters, personalized prints,  art pieces, books, mugs, and others. If added to the kitchen, floating shelves can be used to add your condiments, coffee jars, cookie jars, and the like. For sure, these decors can add life to your blank walls. 

Hanging rug

Rugs and other fabrics, like a tapestry, are great to add texture, warmth, and pops of color to your rooms. Traditionally, these items are seen on the floor, but time to forget the floor this time and take care of your blank walls. Just like any customized prints, rugs can easily make the wall look awesome. In the living room, rugs can be placed behind the sofa and as a temporary headboard in the bedroom. 

Leaning mirrors

No need to worry about putting on tacks or nails on your walls to add decorations. Get a large-sized mirror and have it lean on your empty wall. Mirrors are not only great to look at yourself and admire your OOTDs. Mirrors can also give any small room a visually larger appearance. Moreover, large-sized mirrors can help reflect natural light giving the room a comfortable vibe.

Display large-sized art

If you are in doubt about what to display on your blank walls, a large piece of art will do the trick. You can choose from a wide range of trendy poster designs to display and match your interior design style. From black and white prints to vibrant posters, large art pieces can easily become the focal point in any room. Whether you are decorating the black walls of the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, large-sized posters can also give a big impact on the entire space. 

Framed posters of photos

Another interesting way to spruce up your empty walls is to display posters of photos. With these, you can create a wall gallery that can give your rooms a nostalgic vibe. Check your photo albums or the gallery of your mobile phones and pick the ones that you like most. You can display any memorable events with your family, friends, and loved ones. Have them in frames for a more captivating appeal. Displaying them is not a problem at all. Plan on the layout that will not leave a large space on your walls. As such, you can have a focal point that will make any room look remarkable. 

Supersized prints

Looking for decors to spruce up large walls may be an inconvenience. Just like any large-sized art, supersized prints can cover a large area of the wall. As such, you need not worry about looking for more wall decor such as small posters. Supersized world map posters, calendars, cork boards, or blackboards will easily solve your wall decorating project. Check out for the poster design that will blend with your design style.