Interesting Ways To Personalize Your Walls With Posters

November 5, 2021
Art wall 124

Just because your wall is empty and painted with your favorite color, you will never add wall decors to make it look more appealing. Remember that a blank wall can have lots of potentials. Posters can magically transform the overall appearance of your walls. Remember that posters can be displayed in any room. With tons of ideas available, your home will have the look that will be loved by your family and friends. Here we have creative ideas on how to personalize your walls by displaying posters

Choose the right place

There are many places in your home where you can display your posters. Above sofas, headboards, or the hallway. Aside from these, you can also decorate shelves or window sills with posters that will personalize your interior. Before hanging them, check out the height since you do not want your posters to be too low or too high. The idea is to hang them at eye level. If you also want to highlight your posters in the room, install LED lighting to illuminate them. 

Pick a theme

Each poster has a theme. Experimenting with them can help you create a theme that will reflect your personality. The theme can also harmonize the room, making it look more appealing and comfortable. The theme can also be changed depending on the season. For instance, create a festive atmosphere with holiday posters and there are different designs that will help you with that. 

The frame that you need

Frames come in different styles and materials. Wooden frames can give your wall a rustic appearance and are safest to use with posters. Why “safest”? Wood can easily blend with any interior design style. In addition to these, wood can help make any room look more comfortable and inviting. 

Color coordination

Though there are many poster designs, you don’t just display any art. Choose posters that will blend with the color scheme that your interior already has. It may be challenging at first, but you can always use the color wheel to know the proper color coordination. There are also creative inspirations that you can refer to decorate your walls. 

Wall gallery

Choose the posters to add to create a beautiful wall gallery. If you want it to be more personalized, display photos of your family in attractive frames. Abstract prints are also perfect to add colors to the room and make it look more fun and exciting. Nature-themed prints are also great for a more relaxing vibe. 

Size matters

The size of the posters is also important to consider to add the desired effect to your rooms. For instance, large prints can give an impression of having large spaces. In addition to these, large prints can also make the wall look big. However, if you do not have large prints, you can still create a wall gallery composed of small or medium-sized prints. Arrange them in a random layout or your preferred arrangement to personalize your walls. 

Balance and harmony

The wall gallery that you have created can also give continuity and flow between different posters since grouping similar designs are one of the popular tricks in interior design. Same frames can also create fluidity and make your wall look more sharp and crisp.