Italian Restaurant Decorating Ideas

May 4, 2022
Italian cuisine themed posters banner

Pizza, Pasta, Tiramisu. These are just some of the Italian food that many of us love. If you are looking for an authentic Italian restaurant, then move around the Metro and you will surely find one that you will love. It is easy to spot one. In addition to the name of the restaurant and the menu they serve, it is also common to see checkered table cloth, grapevine images, and statues. If you are planning to start an Italian restaurant business, then decorating it would help boost your business. Here are some ideas that may help you.

Furniture pieces that will add style

Though there are different types of Italian restaurants, they have many similarities when it comes to their design. In most Italian restaurants, you will see button-tufted restaurant booths, restaurant wood chairs, and wooden tables that are adorned in white linen cloths with fancy china and glassware. Fine-dining Italian restaurants have cushion upholstered lounge chairs and sofas for a more comfortable dining experience. 

Wall art and other decorations

Designing an Italian restaurant can be challenging yet fun. Soon as you have accomplished the task, you will immediately be transported to Italy with the aroma of fresh herbs and spices. The wall can be transformed with the display of framed restaurant menu, or you may opt to display a poster advertising Italian food and drink, such as wine, bread, and olive oil. 

You can likewise add framed photos of famous Italian personalities and handwritten words like “dining” and “ristorante”. This can be done with the use of stencils or by projecting the word on the wall using a projector and tracing it with a brush and paint. 

Other items that can be displayed are Italian kitchen tools on the wall like paddles, cutting boards, and dough rollers. Before displaying these items, you can paint the walls with the colors yellow and orange.

Lighting the restaurant

Lighting is another crucial part of decorating an Italian restaurant. The use of ceiling lights is common along with captivating pendant lighting hanging over the tables. These types of lights add a statement and visual interest to the overall ambiance of the interior. 

Tables and seating arrangements

Plank wood tables are common in Italian restaurants. Upholstered vintage-styled chairs and cushioned playing-back restaurant booths are used to give the restaurant interior an artistic look with a touch of elegance and luxurious appeal. 

Food and service to complete the Italian dining experience

Make sure that the kitchen staff is well-trained in preparing Italian cuisine with efficiency and confidence. Good customer service is always expected from all the staff members. When it comes to food preparations, you may try using organic and locally sourced ingredients with vegan options for vegetarians. Never hesitate to use high-quality ingredients that adhere to tradition so that your customers will have loyalty to your brand. 

Final thoughts

Restaurants become great with the details that you add. The ambiance is as important as the food that you prepare and serve. As such, not only that the customers will enjoy authentic Italian cuisine, but they will likewise indulge themselves in the Italian ambiance that many people have adored over the years. May the restaurant interior be traditional or contemporary Italian, the most important thing is that the customers keep coming back to enjoy the dining experience.