It’s Black Friday, Yey!

November 26, 2021
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Friday is all about prepping ourselves for a 2-day break from work. A time for spending some quality time with the kids and loved ones and enjoying the peaceful ambiance of our homes. Eateries and bars may be packed with excited individuals, spending their hard-earned day’s salary to rest and relax. How about giving your home a treat and decorating your walls with trendy and affordable posters. Shop now and be one of the satisfied owners of lovely posters from Artdesign

Black Friday – how it all began

Black Friday is a term that was originally used in the United States following Thanksgiving. It marks the start of the shopping season for Christmas and as such, stores offer highly promoted sales at remarkably discounted prices. Since 2005, Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day in the United States with stores opening as early as midnight or during Thanksgiving Day.

The earliest evidence of the phrase “Black Friday” originated in Philadelphia in 1961. The phrase was used by the police to describe the heavy pedestrian and traffic that is expected to happen after Thanksgiving.   

The phrase first appeared in The New York Times in 1975 in which referred to the busiest shopping and traffic day of the year in Philadelphia. Since the start of the 21st century, many retailers in the US introduced a retail “Black Friday” to other countries. Retailers outside the United States have used this opportunity to promote their businesses online. 

Although the word “black” has some negative connotations in the past, businesses have used it to promote their own holiday sales. 

Black Thursday?

Over the years, retailers have pushed the opening of Black Friday earlier to the point that malls opened at midnight. Some even opened on Thursday to avoid the traffic and crowded areas caused by Black Friday. This practice eventually was named “Black Thursday” and many stores followed this trend. Other retailers even used the phrase “Gray Thursday” or “Brown Thursday” instead to give the day a new identity. 

Unfortunately, the “Black Thursday” sale did not become successful as the overall sales dropped. This is due to the fact that many shoppers opposed moving the sale to Thursday as it shows the over-commercialization of Thanksgiving Day. This pushed that the retail sale still is done on Fridays, thus maintaining the name “Black Friday”. 

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