Japanese Design Style Ideas That You Will Love

February 21, 2021
Plants on window poster

One of the most loved interior design styles is Japanese. It evokes comfort and is probably one of the most exotic design styles. Achieving this style requires careful planning and creativity. Our poster designs will help you be successful in your interior decorating project. We have trendy and affordable art that will complete the Japanese design style for your home. 

The beauty of the Japanese design style

Many interior design styles nowadays are inspired by other styles. Little did we know that the minimalist architecture and interior design we know today are inspired by the traditional Japanese design style. Several factors need to be considered to achieve the style successfully. Examples are line, form, space, light, and material. 

In the Japanese design style, space is opened without nonessential walls to allow the free flow of energy within the rooms. As such, only the important elements are included for a clean and uncluttered living. The Japanese interior design style mainly focused on balance, order, ancient costumes, and the beauty of nature. 

Principles of the Japanese style

Achieving the Japanese interior design style may be quite challenging. But, once you bring the design style to your home, the feeling can be heavenly. The appearance of the design style these days encompasses both modern and traditional styles. Here are the principles that need to be considered when adding the interior design style to your home:

  • Simplicity is one of the values that is important for the Japanese. Clutter is not to be seen anywhere, and decorations are used at a minimum.
  • Colors – the use of natural colors is encouraged as inspired by natural materials.
  • Diffused light – use natural sources that can reach the interior through shoji screens.
  • Privacy – shoji or paper screens allow light into the room while offering privacy.
  • Natural materials—The design style encourages the use of natural materials like fine wood, bamboo, silk, rice straw mats, and paper.
  • Flexibility—The style also efficiently uses resources common in Japanese culture. In addition to this, the rooms and their parts have multiple functions, and the use of the space is maximized. 

Modern Japanese interior that you will love

Like traditional interior design, the modern style focuses on minimalist, clean, uncluttered living, balance, culture, and nature. Plants popular in Japanese culture are also incorporated. Examples are bonsai and bamboo. The sound of water is also common in the design style, as this gives a calming effect. As such, tubs or ponds are incorporated to give the Zen effect. 

Moreover, displaying posters is one of the easiest and fastest ways to add beauty to your walls. Different poster designs are also available that can help create the Zen effect of the Japanese interior design style. Posters that are nature-inspired are highly recommended as they add a touch of nature, thus making the interior look more refreshing and relaxing. 

The posters can be displayed in any room to help achieve the Japanese design style. In addition to posters of plants and flowers, you may also opt to display prints of the sea and mountains. These will likewise evoke the same calming effects as plants and flowers. Any nature-inspired prints will do the trick.