Make Your Balcony Herb Garden

July 6, 2021
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The balcony is one of the multipurpose areas in your home. It may have different appearances depending on how it will be used. Making a balcony herb garden is a great way to add beauty to space. Herbs and spices are ideal as they do not take up much space. Read on to learn more about starting an herb garden on the balcony. 

Best herbs to plant on the balcony

Any herb can be planted. However, there are factors to consider before starting the herb garden. The type of herb greatly depends on sunlight, space, and weather. Among the favorite herbs is basil. Dill. cilantro, marjoram, parsley, chive, oregano, lavender, sage, thyme, mint, and rosemary. 

Sunlight availability for the balcony herb garden

It is a fundamental principle that plants need an ample amount of sunlight for them to grow. This is what you need to consider if you are planning to create a balcony herb garden. It is a must to know the sunlight that the balcony receives each day. 

Most herbs need around 4-6 hours of sunlight each day to grow properly. Check the balcony for the availability of sunlight before making the herb garden. Living in a condominium or apartment may also pose a problem. Nearby buildings may shade your balcony, thus hindering you from growing herb gardens

Seeds or starter kits for the balcony herb garden

Seed packets are readily available. They can be purchased from the market or online. Growing from seeds can be fun and exciting. Seed starter packs can likewise be purchased to hold enough moisture to start propagation. It is also recommended to purchase starter plants that have already sprouted. This will give you an idea of which herb to grow.

The things you need

Creating your balcony herb garden only needs a few items. Pots, potting soils, and herb plants are the primary items that you need. Pots can be purchased easily and you may want to consider the type of pot that can be brought indoors when the weather gets rough. You may also recycle PET bottles and use them as pots. Choose herbs that are easy to grow and manage. It is also ideal to grow herbs that you usually use in cooking. Group them accordingly so they would look attractive on the balcony.

Water them

Understand the herbs that you are growing. Understanding their water requirements is a must so that you may know the frequency of watering them. It is also recommended to water the soil before planting the seedling or seeds. Check the soil and make sure that they do not dry out. 

Reaping your reward

Not all herbs are the same when it comes to harvesting. For instance, oregano and mint can be harvested by cutting the leaves off from anywhere on the plant. Basil leaves should be snipped from the top of the plant. Chives can be cut to the soil. Get enough information on this matter so as not to waste your hardship.