Memphis Design In Your Living Room? Why Not!

January 7, 2022
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Memphis design style is making a comeback. Many homeowners and designers these days prefer the colorful trend in their living spaces. In fact, the design style is also used in fashion and interior design all around the globe. The colorful interior appearance can totally satisfy your cravings when it comes to room decorations. 

What is Memphis design style?

Memphis design is all about patterns, geometric figures of Art Deco, the color palette of Pop Art, and 1950s kitsch inspiration. The combination of these inspirations brings an elegant and modern touch to your home. These traits are what make the Memphis design style adored by many homeowners and designers. If you want this style in the living room, try to add the elements that will help you be successful in your project.

Achieve the design style in the living room

If you are wondering how to achieve the design style in your living room, here are some cool ideas that will make you successful with your decorating project. Some materials of the Memphis design style can easily be incorporated into the living room. Examples of these are laminate and terrazzo materials for the flooring, tables, lamps, bright and multi-colored objects, shapes, rectangular or circular chair legs, and patterns with different geometric shapes and colors. 

The use of bold colors and unique shapes are vital to achieving the Memphis design style. With contrasting floor decor, furniture pieces with bold colors along with colored art can bring the retro appeal that you have been longing for. 

Geometric shapes are likewise keys to a fantastic living room. There are many ways to add this element to the walls. Installing wallpaper and the display of posters can easily make the wall look like the ones seen in the movies that became popular during the 80s. 

In addition to these, the colors are supposed to be fun and exciting. The geometric shapes are also great addition to boost the appearance. 

You can also add a minimalist style to blend with the Memphis style. Armstrong floor can help achieve the look and this can be personalized in black or white. The good thing about this idea is that Memphis design style does not follow a strict rule. You can always be flexible to make the living room look more desirable.